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This is your (new) My Bloody Valentine

Photo via last.fmlast.fmAnd just like that, it was ours.

After the years – nay, decades – of rumours, promises, lies, delays, reverbs, reverse reverbs, bankruptcies, breakdowns, break-ups, reunions, side-projects, remasters, reissues, chinchillas, and endless myth-making, at the stroke of midnight GMT Saturday night, My Bloody Valentine released m b v, the long-awaited (to put it mildly) follow-up to 1991’s epochal Loveless.

Available immediately as digital downloads and in a few weeks as physical CDs and LPs, it’s a record that everyone believed existed – and has in some form since the previous century – but few thought would ever be heard, thanks to mastermind Kevin Shields’ perfectionism and unwillingness to exist in the same temporality as the rest of us. But here it is, all breathy vocals overtop churning, gliding guitars as if the past twenty years never happened. Some may wonder why Shields hasn’t seen fit to come up with new ideas in all that time – clearly it’s because he wasn’t done exploring these ones. m b v is very much the sequel to Loveless that a generation of shoegazers have longed for, a return to sonic territory that many have since tried to navigate but to which only Shields has the true map and compass. It’s hard to justify anything being worth a 20-year wait, this record makes a pretty good argument.

If you’re a My Bloody Valentine fan, your day has arrived. If not, give the album stream a listen and become one. Or don’t. That’s your business.

Stream: My Bloody Valentine / m b v

DIY reports that Primal Scream – who’ve counted both Shields and bassist Deb Googe as members over the past few years – have confirmed a May 6 release date for their new album More Light.

Suede are probably thinking they picked the absolute worst moment – late Saturday night – to unveil the first official video and single from their own comeback record Bloodsports, out March 18.

Video: Suede – “It Starts And Ends With You”

Spin and Clash have interviews with Johnny Marr, who has announced the itinerary for the North American tour in support of The Messenger, out February 26; look for him in Toronto at The Phoenix on April 27.

Video: Johnny Marr – “Upstarts”

Rolling Stone has another of those New Order/Joy Division dirt-digging/mud-slinging interviews with Peter Hook. It’s almost like he’s got a book to sell or something.

Matablog has confirmed a North American tour for Brighton’s Esben & The Witch behind their second album Wash The Sins Not Only The Face; they’re at The Drake Underground on March 25.

MP3: Esben & The Witch – “Deathwaltz”

Craig Finn of The Hold Steady offers praise for Frightened Rabbit in the pages of Clash, while over at DIY they’ve got both an interview and video session with the band, and The Daily Record also has a chat. Pedestrian Verse is out tomorrow and they’re at The Phoenix on March 31.

eMusic talks to indie-pop MBV-acolytes The History Of Apple Pie.

DIY has a feature interview with Veronica Falls, whose second album Waiting For Something To Happen is out February 12. They play The Garrison March 12.

And as a nice tie-together of many/most of the artists featured in today’s post – or their musical offspring – the whole of the 2010 documentary film Upside-Down: The Creation Records Story is available to watch on YouTube. It’s fascinating stuff, do take the time to give it a view.

Video: Upside-Down: The Creation Records Story

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    @fyang Really think it warranted a 20-year wait? Pretty, but not revolutionary like Loveless. Then again, I wasn’t really expecting that.

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    RT @fyang: chromewaves: This is your (new) My Bloody Valentine