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Swim Until You Can't See Land

Frightened Rabbit to flee in terror across North America

Photo By Jannica HoneyJannica HoneyIt’s probably over-pedantic to point out that by the time Frightened Rabbit’s third album, the marvelously-titled The Winter Of Mixed Drinks, is released on March 9, there’ll be only 12 days left in Winter. Certainly enough time for a a righteous bender or four with it as a soundtrack, but before you know it we’ll be into a Springtime of body shots and that just doesn’t sound quite as epically melancholic, though possibly more fun.

Even so, the Scottish quintet will be doing their best to make it a season to remember for North American fans, first with a commando strike trip to SxSW in March and then a massive cross-continental tour that will start at Coachella and go from west to east then west again, including a May 4 stop at the Opera House in Toronto – tickets are $15 and go on sale this Thursday. I had to miss their July 2009 show at the Horseshoe because of an unfortunate incidence of real life, so this show – a week prior to my birthday – is ranking pretty highly on things I’m looking forward to in the next few months. And the album, too – Frightened Rabbit just released a second video from the album, this confirming that at least two songs from the record will be nigh-on brilliant.

Quarter-Life Crisis has an interview with drummer Grant Hutchinson while Spin questions frontman Scott Hutchinson about the origins of the band’s name.

Video: Frightened Rabbit – “Nothing Like You”
Video: Frightened Rabbit – “Swim Until You Can’t See Land”

Tom Campesinos! takes point on press duties for Los Campesinos!, talking to The AV Club and MusicOmh while giving The Line Of Best Fit a list of 12 albums that influenced their latest Romance Is Boring. Metro talks to frontman Gareth Campesinios! and Drowned In Sound chats with the other members of the band about a myriad other topics. Los Campesinos! have a date at the Phoenix on April 20.

MP3: Los Campesinos! – “There Are Listed Buildings”

Spin checks in with Kate Nash on the status of her second album, recorded with Bernard Butler. The record is due out sometime this Spring, and she’s one of the artists supposed to appear on this year’s Lilith Fair.

Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme tells BBC6 the trio are hoping to put together a live documentary film covering life on the road in addition to performance footage in the near future. They’re at the Air Canada Centre on March 8.

MusicOmh interviews David Brewis of Field Music. Their new record (Measure) is out February 16 and they’re at the Horseshoe on March 19.

There’s a new video from Mumford & Sons’ debut Sigh No More, filmed during their recent tour of India. The album gets a North American release on February 16 – one day after their Toronto show at Lee’s Palace. The Sydney Morning Herald talks to Marcus Johnstone, aka Marcus Mumford.

Video: Mumford & Sons – “The Cave”

Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard talks to Spinner about the possibility of the band putting out a live album while Al Doyle chats with The Yorkshire Evening Post and The Times talks to Alexis Taylor and solicits a list of his favourite things. Their new studio album One Life Stand is out February 9 and is currently streaming at the band’s MySpace. They’re at the Kool Haus on April 20.

Stream: Hot Chip / One Life Stand

Tindersticks’ new album Falling Down A Mountain isn’t out until February 16 but is currently available to stream. There’s also a new video to go with the first available MP3.

MP3: Tindersticks – “Black Smoke”
Video: Tindersticks – “Black Smoke”
Stream: Tindersticks / Falling Down A Mountain

They Shoot Music has an acoustic video session with Editors frontman Tom Smith, wherein he reinterprets “Papillon” from the In This Light And On This Evening on acoustic guitar.

Ladytron’s Reuben Wu talks to Clash about his love of photography – ironic, considering his outfit seems to take extra care to make life hell for photographers…

Never Enough Notes talks to Tim Crompton of The High Wire. Their debut The Sleep Tape is out in March.

NME reports that Liam Gallagher and the other refugees from the wreck of Oasis hope to have a new record out by July.

And rather out of left field comes the news that first-generation shoegazers Chapterhouse will be reuniting for a North American tour this Spring. I can’t imagine anyone has been waiting for this to happen, but if the tour comes around this way I’ll certainly check it out – Whirlpool was a pretty good record. But really, of all the original shoegaze bands to get back together and cross the Atlantic… Chapterhouse?

Video: Chapterhouse – “Pearl”

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  1. Scott says:

    Chapterhouse are actually among my favourite of the first-wave shoegazers, ironically enough… though the second album was good, Whirlpool (and all associated singles – about another album’s worth of material) is downright GORGEOUS.

    I also think it hasn’t hurt them that Ulrich Schnauss has been a big fan of theirs and had Sherrif guest on his Chapterhouse cover for the “Never Lose That Feeling” series.

    My 2¢ on the source of this… [smirk]

  2. Frank Yang says:

    I have Whirlpool and this weekend confirmed that I still like Whirlpool… used to have a copy of Blood Music but it didn’t survive a CD collection cull in the distant past, but I don’t remember a damned thing about it. kind of want to hear it again – I think it was dancey?

  3. Bruce says:

    Great news about Frightened Rabbit, looking forward to that one! Let’s hope nothing stands in your way this time, and that FR can erase any association with last year’s events. Good for them, too, that they’ve moved up to a bigger venue (the Horseshoe was bursting at the seams last time). And from the evidence in the photo, looks like Scott Hutchinson plans to keep wearing his 2009 shirt this year.

  4. ovenking says:

    You can actually order the new Tindersticks from way ahead of release date.

    Lots of different format options. The CD/LP versions will also give you immediate access to download 320kbps MP3s of the album.

  5. Scott says:

    A little dancey – but not the “throw away” pop of, for example, The Boo Radleys post-shoegaze reboot. A different sound, more madchester, I guess. Clearly not as good as Whirlpool, but actually pretty cool for what it was.

    The general tone of Blood Music:

  6. Top love songs says:

    I love the Whirlpool. Not as keen on this but it is ok

  7. dave says:

    hey frank, i taped the FR show last july if you’re interested in hearing it.

  8. Pedro says:

    Hi Frank:

    I saw Tindersticks’s concert last night in Guimarães (Portugal) – they seem to keep coming here almost every year.
    Seems to me that the new album’s are better heard live than at home, and Stuart’s voice is at its best.
    Don’t miss them if they pass around – you would be regreting it for the rest of your life…

  9. Pedro says:

    «new album’s songs…» (of course!)