Sunday, January 31st, 2010

"Asleep And Dreaming"/"You're My Only Home"

Woodpigeon covers The Magnetic Fields

Photo By Lindsey BakerLindsey BakerIn last week’s selection, I mentioned that The Magnetic Fields were one the most-covered bands around (a completely arbitrary statement I can’t back up with hard facts), a fact that surely causes Stephin Merritt no small amount of distress, considering he’s on record as not being a fan of having his compositions reinterpreted by others.

Even so, I would hope he couldn’t find much to complain about in these renditions of 3% of 69 Love Songs by Calgary’s Woodpigeon. Recorded last Fall whilst in Ottawa on tour and posted on their website for free, the recordings are as simple as simple gets – just Mark Hamilton, an acoustic guitar and a little help from some friends – but serve the heartfelt sentiments of the songs perfectly.

In addition to having both released new albums this month – The Magnetic Fields with Realism and Woodpigeon with Die Stadt Muzikanten – both are coming to town in a couple weeks – the former at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre on February 8 and the latter at the Drake Underground on February 11. Woodpigeon also play an in-store at Soundscapes at 5PM on, fittingly enough, Valentine’s Day. Perhaps a love song or 69 would be in order.

MP3: Woodpigeon – “Asleep And Dreaming”
MP3: Woodpigeon – “You’re My Only Home”
Stream:The Magnetic Fields – “Asleep And Dreaming”
Stream:The Magnetic Fields – “You’re My Only Home”

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