Friday, November 11th, 2005

All Hail The Label Scouts

Much joy coming in the form of the latest newsletter from Misra Records. Most exciting is news that Denton, Texas’ Centro-Matic will be releasing their new album Fort Recovery in March of next year, to be preceded by a four-track EP in February featuring one album track and three unreleased b-sides. Misra describes the new record as “the Centro-matic album you’ve been waiting for”. Well yeah, there’s no reason I’d be waiting for the ones I already own. 2003’s Love You Just The Same was a brilliant slab of roots rock and seeing as how they just get better with every record, consider this new one filed under “highly anticipated”. And if you’ve never been, they have one of the most generous MP3-loaded discographies around.

And with all the Okkervil River love I’ve been spouting lately, I’m naturally happy to see that Shearwater will have a new full-length ready for release sometime around April.

I also like what I’ve heard from the new Mendoza Line album, Full of Light And Full Of Fire, which is out November 22. I’ll link the officially available MP3s, but you should head over to Fluxblog to hear “Golden Boy (Torture In The Shed)”, it’s a great tune.

MP3: The Mendoza Line – “Catch A Collapsing Star”

MP3: The Mendoza Line – “Mysterious In Black”

’06 show announcements are finally starting to trickle in – I was getting a little concerned about having nothing left in life to look forward to. Low have gotten around to rescheduling their cancelled show from last June – they will be at Lee’s Palace on January 31. And wildlife-obseesed New Yorkers Animal Collective are at Lee’s two weeks later on February 13 on February 23.

You know a couple days ago when I predicted the backlash for the Broken Social Scene show? You could have set your watch to it. Contrast the Stille Post reaction with the squealing giddiness over at Broken Telephone… People make me laugh. They just love to complain.

The Plain Dealer talks to Bob Mould. Via Largehearted Boy.

You may remember my Sunday Cleaning post where I was impressed with the mysterious band Soft… Well to follow up, it has been revealed to me that they are indeed from New York City and their new self-titled EP is now available at Insound. You can check out the lead track here. It’s good.

MP3: Soft – “Higher”

Filter talks to Peter Hook about projects both New Order and not.

The Times Union goes Q&A with Jeff Tweedy about Kicking Television and touring solo.

Adam Franklin complains to Chart that no one pronounces “Toshack Highway” correctly. Umm, guilty. Tosh-Ack High-Way are at the Drake tomorrow night with Sianspheric. Expect LOUD.

SubPop just got that much more adorable with the signing of New Zealand’s Brunettes. Their next album and first for the label, which appears to be making a concerted effort to be THE pop indie label (as opposed to indie-pop label), will be out in August of next year. Info via Unfinished.

That’s it for today. Moment of silence at 11:00. Have a good day.

np – Bob Mould / Body Of Song

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  1. torr says:

    How weird to see you mention the tiny college town to the north of me, Denton, Texas by name. And speaking of Texas, two members of SOFT are from this state.

  2. Frank says:

    I used to think they were from Austin since, well, everyone is from Austin, but then I was corrected so like to show off my non-ignorance on the topic every now and again.


  3. Seth says:

    Is the Animal Collective show on the 13th or the 23rd? Pitchfork says the 23rd.

  4. Frank says:

    my typo. apologies.

  5. david says:

    I’m debating going to the three Boulder new year’s eve shows with Centro-matic and the Drive-By Truckers, last year we saw DBT in NYC on NYE and it was great.

    I posted a ton of Centro-matic (plus Will Johnson solo and South San Gabriel) links in the following post, and am always willing to share the love for one of my favorite bands:


    Are you enjoying the new Bob Mould disc? I was actually surprised how much I liked it.

  6. suckingalemon says:

    i think the whole thing on stillepost about bss was a joke. well those who were complaining but people reacted to it.

    and better get tickets to the akron/family show fast. so excited.


  7. Frank says:

    joke? I don’t know – there was the same sort of response when Arcade Fire announced the shows at the Danforth this Spring. People bitching at the $20 ticket, sayng it only cost them $10 or so last year, how they should play more loft parties, etc etc. there seems to be a fundamental lack of understanding about the economics of success.

    And people just like to bitch about things.

  8. graig says:

    It’s what you (and me too) have been waiting for

    Justice League season sets coming???


  9. Distopian_Dreamer says:

    Cool…can’t wait for the JL/JLU boxsets, the JLU especially. Nice to see Low’s make up date for Toronto show being announced. Frank, I saw you at the Okkervil show and I should have said hi or something, but I didn’t want to seem like some creepy internet stalker…

  10. suckingalemon says:

    there were a few complainers who i knew were joking.

    the rest was merely a discussion of options. would i prefer them to do a string of shows at a slightly smaller but better venue? sure.

    but i don’t have a problem with the kool haus or the price,

    especially with the fact that we got a free show in the summer, outdoors.


  11. says:

    thanks for the misra news, frank! that’s just about made my day: new stuff from the mendozas, centro-, AND the shearwaters on the horizon. hurrah!

  12. Quinn says:

    re: BSS… I too, don’t really like it when ticket prices start to rise, but it just costs more to play big venues.

    Not to mention, there’s 10 people on stage at any one time… it’s like two bands.