Saturday, November 12th, 2005

Has A Good Home

Over the past few years, the determinedly grassroots Over The Top Fest has become one of the highlights of the year in the local indie circuit. Combining slightly under-the-radar but totally worthy touring acts with local talent in eclectic and entertaining bills, the festival has grown in size and stature every year and looks to kick off its fifth year with a launch party on January 11 of next year. Headlining the event will be Final Fantasy, who will be joined for the occasion by a string quartet, and also on the bill are Akron/Family, who made quite an impression when they played here a couple months ago, and Great Lake Swimmers. It goes down at the Great Hall (Queen W and Dovercourt – no, I have no idea what this place is either) and tickets are already available for $12 at Rotate and Soundscapes.

Also Final Fantasy content – Popdrivel has video and audio of Owen Pallett’s frankly stunning cover of Bloc Party’s “This Modern Love”. There’s a few guffaws at the beginning as the audience recognizes the song, but Pallett tears through it without an ounce of irony (whether it’s actually ironic or not is between Owen and his violin). I love it.

Final Fantasy played a video release party in town this past Thursday night, and Torontoist was there. Not me, another Torontoist. However, while by all accounts the bill was solid top to bottom, they single out the kalimba-powered performance of opener Laura Barrett for praise. This is neat, because I know Laura – I was actually in a band with her for a while, as she was keyboardist/vocalist in Lake Holiday for a few months. We played a show and did some recording (you can grab our cover of The Magnetic Fields’ “Born On A Train” here), but then she just sort of stopped showing up or returning band emails… We didn’t do anything to her, I swear. But hey – good to know she’s alright and making music.

And speaking of Lake Holiday, one of their songs (written and recorded after I left the band) was featured on this week’s episode of Veronica Mars. It’s not documented on the Music Of Veronica Mars site yet, but should be soon. It’s called “Press Record Then Play” and you can hear it on the MySpace page. So while I have nothing to do with the song in question, I still feel some pride about it. Bravo, Brad. I do play on the album which is due out sometime in the distant future from BiFi Records, though. It would have been sooner but apparently the pressing plant lost the masters and the artwork… Yeah, I dunno. It’s been a while, what’s a little longer? Update: Okay, I just watched this week’s ep and the song wasn’t in there. Five Seventeen lied to me. But it should be there in the not-too-distant future. I will report back.

As for me musically (you didn’t ask, but I don’t care), you know what they say – those who can, do. Those who can’t, write. And I write. Actually, I do have a project I’m playing in but (of course), are having some trouble finding a reliable drummer. Anyone in the 416 know anyone? Just asking.

And to backtrack a bit to Final Fantasy, his former bandleader in The Hidden Cameras, Joel Gibb, gave Pitchfork a sneak preview of what Torontonians can expect from their five-night run of shows with The Toronto Dance Theatre at Harbourfront in a couple weeks. This is the second year they’ve performed in conjunction with the TDT, and apparently last year’s shows were amazing. He also talks about the new Hidden Cameras album Awoo, which is due out in the early part of 2006.

Hup! Mogwai’s next album Mr. Beast has a release date of March 7 over here in the colonies (and the day before back in dear old Blighty).

Some My Morning Jacket action – Rolling Stone breaks bread with the guys while Paste takes a tour of Louisville, Kentucky with Jim James. Finally, My Old Kentucky Blog has thoughtfully converted the band’s KCRW session from Thursday into easy-to-digest MP3 form.

Productshop NYC ranks the 100 most disappointing albums of all time, being careful to distinguish between “disappointing” and “bad”.

Dear Fox: I HATE YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES. Sincerely, Frank

np – Crooked Fingers / Dignity & Shame

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  1. Sean says:

    holy crap, that Final Fantasy/Akron/Family/Great Lake Swimmers show is STACKED.

  2. punky! says:

    The Great Hall is usually used as a wedding venue; I’ve visited it before for that purpose. Also, VICE and Shift magazine used to hold their parties there. It’s sort of like a hall (duh), with a balcony up top, although I don’t know if they allow spectators up top. Beautiful place though…

  3. suckingalemon says:

    id urge people to get tickets to that show right away – it will sell out im sure in the next few weeks.

    thanks for the owen link.

    ever since he played that thursday iv been wanting to hear it.

    fox is pulling alot of stupid stunts.

    ie. pulling arrested development + pushing prison break until may.


  4. sharon says:

    hi frank

    just thought to let you know that matador has Mogwai’s Mr Beast down for Feb

  5. Frank says:

    Matador’s news page and the Billboard blurb I originally got the info from both say March.



  6. Five Seventeen says:

    Hey Frank,

    It’s there. 24 minutes in. While Veronica and friend are talking about a psychic. The episode’s called "Blast from the Past"

  7. Frank says:

    ohh… that was the episode from two weeks ago. I thought you said it was this week’s episode.

    Great, now I have to download that one again.

  8. Beth Hamill says:

    Hi frank (& all) –

    Thought I’d share a link to my review + photo gallery from this show @ the Boat Thursday. I shot both Owen and Henri and those crazy Adorables!

    Weblog: http://…/

    Full Photo Gallery: http://…/

    (Frank I noticed you linked my site on your sidebar – which is GREAT! However, I no longer use that Live Journal address for concert reviews & photos, so if you’d update to http://…/ it would be appreciated! I’ve linked YOU on my sidebar too!)


    – Beth