Thursday, November 10th, 2005

On The Cusp

The American Analog Set are NOT breaking up. Honest. For real. They’re just not going to be gallivanting around the country in an old Econoline anymore – nothing wrong with that. But the sorta-farewell angle makes for good press, as some of these pieces will attest. The Toronto Star (Bugmenot) previews their show this Sunday at the Horseshoe. This will probably be your last opportunity to see them play Toronto probably ever, so don’t miss. AmAnSet are great live.

More linkage – Andrew Kenny talks to Pulse Of The Twin Cities about the decision to decamp from his native Austin to go to school in New York City, about the oddness of being a Texas ex-pat in Brooklyn to New City Chicago and about quitting school to hit the road to MetroMix. Furthermore, he talks to The Arizona Daily Wildcat about the progress of the farewell-but-not tour, Boston’s Weekly Dig about why they announced it as a farewell tour, The Straight about the origins of the band and to The Oregon State Daily Barometer about, well, all of the above. Most of these stories are taken from Bradley’s Almanac, but I know Brad loves it when I steal linkage from him. It’s his favourite thing in the world. But this piece for Torontoist? I wrote that myself.

And don’t forget that the demos for Set Free are still being posted weekly over at their website. Check out this week’s:

MP3: The American Analog Set – Sharp Briar (demo)

The Daily Texan goes for a ride-along with Death Cab (via Largehearted Boy) and Sign On San Diego talks to Chris Walla about signing to Atlantic.

Billboard reports back from the first show of Jeff Tweedy’s Fall solo tour.

It’s the bill that’s slowly self-destructing, but won’t die! First The Cribs cancelled, now Longwave have bailed. This – Saturday night at Lee’s Palace… Giant Drag! And, uh… to be determined…

The Wrens continue to get mileage out of The MeadowlandsNME has the video for “Faster Gun”. I guess they’re allowed since the album just got released in the UK… but guys. Come on. New material? Someday?

Keyboardist Bo Koster talks to The Westender about being the new kid on the My Morning Jacket block.

The Independent talks to Alan Moore about magic, art and how much he loves having his works turned into movies. It’s actually his favourite thing in the world. V For Vendetta, the latest loving interpretation of his works, hits theatres March 17 of next year. Coincidentally, it was Guy Fawkes day on Saturday. Anyone attempt to blow up Parliment in celebration?

np – Calexico & Iron & Wine / In The Reins

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  1. Gary Campbell says:

    The Lee’s Palace ad in NOW says that the openers for Giant Drag will be a band called "The City" — whoever they are.

  2. brads says:

    Actually, it’s my second favourite thing in the world. First place goes to ‘cheese’. You just can’t beat a good gouda.

    (I feel like such a poseur putting a ‘u’ in favourite, but when in chrome, etc.)

  3. kathryn says:

    or, rather, NME is behind. that video has been kicking around the intarweb for a while. since summer 2004, at least.

  4. thomaus says:

    Shouldn’t you cut the Wrens some slack? They are kind of aged to be releasing albums all Ryan-Adamsy. Anyway thanks for the video link. I wish they’d come back through town.