Friday, July 22nd, 2005

Every Day I Wake Up And I Take My Medication

I had no idea when I made my quickie Spiritualized post back on Sunday that a) Jason Pierce was critically ill at the Royal London Hospital or b) I’d be making a second Spaceman post just five days later. According to the news update on, Pierce contracted advanced periorbital cellulitis with bilateral pnuemonia with rapid deterioration and required intensive care and c-pap for type 1 respiratory failure. I don’t know what any of that means, but it sounds like an awful time.

Billboard reports that Pierce’s partner, Juliette, posted on the message board saying that after “nearly dying twice in the last 2 and half weeks jason has now and fantastically made an alarming and brilliant recovery” and while he is “still fragile and really weak weighing in at maybe 8 stone (112 lbs)” and is now recovering at home. Needless to say, I’m enormously glad to hear that Pierce will be alright and best wishes for his quick return to good health. And I promise not to gripe for a new album for a while (even though it’s already written…). But in the meantime, the website has been updated with all sorts of goodies (for registered members).

One more Maria Taylor piece, this one from Chart. Still spots available on the guest list for tonight’s show at the ElMo! Email me if you want on – hell, never mind the skill-testing question. The answer was Little Red Rocket, for the record.

Somewhere Cold takes a few minutes with Explosions In The Sky to find out what they’ve been up to in 2005 so far and what’s to come. They’re re-releasing their debut How Strange, Innocence on October 11.

Paste talks to John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats about… stuff.

PopMatters talks to Laura Cantrell, whom they call “one of indie’s premiere country singers”. Note to self – buy Humming By The Flowered Vine ASAP.

The Onion AV Club has an expansive interview with Dinosaur Jr gets some dirt about the breakup many moons ago and the reunion. I love how J’s responses are maybe two lines long while Lou and Murph go on for paragraphs. Lou Barlow has always struck me as the kind of guy who doesn’t shut up.

It’s nice to see Neil Young still knows how to taunt his fans. Check out the scrolling message from the man at the bottom of his webpage – first he says the new album, Prairie Wind, will be a CD/DVD set out September 20. That’s not the taunt. THEN he says Archives, Volume 1 to follow. Actually, there have been enough signs of the Apocalypse lately that could mean that hell is indeed freezing over – the Archives could well be on thier way. It’s the end days, folks. Kali Yuga. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

np – Bloc Party / Silent Alarm

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  1. capttugboat says:

    Periorbital cellulitis is an infection of the tissue surrounding the eye. If it is not caught fast enough it can spread via the sinuses in the area to the brain and because of this is very serious. A CPAP machine provides continious positive pressure to the airway via a face mask. It is one of the things that can be done, prior to placing a person on a ventilator. He sounds like he was very sick and is pretty lucky.

  2. Five Seventeen says:

    You may find the Laura Cantrell CD a tad bit disappointing. It’s good, but not nearly as memorable as her first albums. Perhaps I just need to give it a few more listens…

    And though Claire and sleeping and I am unable to translate the medical jargin, those conditions together are possibly a result of the flu with some "immunosuppressive behaviour" (drinking, drugs, etc… OR perscribed drugs from an entirely seperate condition). If you have a weak immune system, it can hit that hard. Scary.

  3. Five Seventeen says:

    oh yeah, again, I really have no idea what I’m talking about. Medical tv dramas and PubMed. That’s all the doctor-learnin’ I need.

  4. punky! says:

    Yikes. I read about him being sick yesterday, and frantically checked what the hell "8 stone" is. How tall is this guy? 112 lbs. is a healthy weight for someone who’s 5’2 — and FEMALE. Eep.

  5. tyrone says:

    I don’t know too much about Dinosaur Jr. but I read this story in "Our Band could be your life" about how Lou had this thing about always putting things in his mouth, and this one time it pissed of J really bad, because J apparently bought this sweet cookie monster doll and the next thing he knows, Lou is sucking on the eye. For some reason I find this hilarious.