Saturday, July 23rd, 2005

13 Months In 6 Minutes

I begin to understand how The Wrens managed to get so old while only releasing three albums in ten years. Yeah, their label problems are well-documented, but I think that’s a smokescreen – fact is, they’re just SLOW. Pitchfork talked to Charles Bissell, who revealed that the plans to re-release the Abbott 1135 EP continue slowly and steadily, but may be put on the back burner in favour of recording a new album – which they haven’t started writing yet. Egads. Meanwhile, work continues on the Wrens documentary from Kathryn Yu and company. They released a trailer for the film a little while back and their media page has a bunch of MP3s, including live tracks and rarities.

SubPop is streaming Spelled In Bones, the new album from The Fruit Bats in its entirety. You can also download an mp3 of one of the tracks, “Lives Of Crime”. Go listen. They’re also looking for a new drummer. Isn’t everyone?

Billboard reports that my #1 musician crush Gemma Hayes has completed work on her sophomore album and will be releasing it this Fall.

The Stranger, Sufjan Stevens. Sufjan Stevens, The Stranger. Via LHB.

Grandaddy’s Excerpts From the Diary of Todd Zilla EP will be in stores September 27.

M.I.A. returns to Toronto for a show at the Phoenix on September 26. And while unconfirmed, it looks like Ireland’s Frames will be in town on October 20. Update: The Frames will be playing at the Phoenix with Josh Ritter. Tickets $15.

Attempts to make it to the Maria Taylor show at the ElMo last night were foiled as the concert was cancelled on account of bad traffic. Apparently traffic between Boston and Toronto was severely fouled up somewhere and they couldn’t make it into town. Alas. The show will be rescheduled.

The first trailer for V For Vendetta is now up. It’s been so long since I read the original graphic novel that I am completely incapable of judging it – all I can say is I didn’t expect it to look quite so contemporary… Comic Book Resources has a brief interview with star Natalie Portman about the film.

Also now up – Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line.

np – Spiritualized / The Complete Works Volume 1

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  1. nm says:

    Maria Taylor and other bands got stuck in 4 hour standstill traffic just before crossing the border….and by the time they made it to customs around 9ish was told it would be at least an another hour wait to be time to do search.. probably due to the terrorist attacks in the UK..sounds like everyone was getting searched and that is what caused the traffic jam

    show was cancelled around 9:30 and by the sounds of it Maria felt really bad at having to cancel the show.