Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Be Somebody Or Be Somebody's Fool!

Today’s post is all bits and pieces, so instead of trying to elevate one of those to the coveted “lead story” slot, I’m just going to go with this Mr T video. Treat your mother right! Full story on the origins of this masterpiece here. Yeah, Stereogum posted this a few months ago but I didn’t see it, so maybe you haven’t either. And really, you should. I called my Mom on Monday, so I’m all good.

Maria Taylor talks to NOW about growing up in the South and going solo. I still have passes for her show tomorrow night, just email me! Please? I get so lonely sometimes.

Arcade Fire, you’ve got the biggest-selling record in the history of Merge Records, you’ve toured all around the world and are the darlings of the indie rock set. What are you going to do next? Buy a church. Oh. Okay. has a more expansive interview with the band.

Coolfer wonders out loud just what it means to be indie in this day and age and if the term is obsolete. Death Cab plays case study.

Seattle Weekly asks Joe Pernice what it’s like living in Toronto.

“Toronto—Canada—is so different in so many little ways. It freaks me out a little. It’s like, ‘Is the blue money a five? Is the pink money a 10?’ And all their Kit-Kats are in red wrappers, not orange. It’s not right. I’m very much in a period of adjustment. But I love it. Toronto is a beautiful city; I don’t even drive there because I don’t have to. I walk everywhere.”

We love you too, Joe. From Coolfer.

Billboard talks to Sufjan Stevens about how the Superman imbroglio may or may not have a deliberate PR stunt. Or at least that’s my take on it.

My Morning Jacket’s Jim Jones talks to Pitchfork about forthcoming album Z, out October 4. Stereogum has one of the new tracks available to download – it’s… very very different.

Hello, Newman wonders if Broken Social Scene is the new Grateful Dead. You know, having witnessed the single-minded rabidness of some of their fans, I think I may have to get behind Evan on this one.

Michael Penn is doing two nights at the Rivoli, September 28 and 29. His latest, Mr Hollywood Jr, 1947, is out August 2.

It appears my post singing the praises of The National has fallen off the front page so I will give them more props with this link to Welcome To The Midwest, who has mp3s from their radio session for KEXP.

Jeff Tweedy tells JAM! he’s feeling pretty good.

Torontoist week in shows here. Teenage Fanclub on Monday! Woot! The Toronto Star (Bugmenot) is similarly excited.

20 things that only happen in movies (via Goldenfiddle). + Google Maps = A whole new world of stalking possibilities. This just doesn’t seem right.

Server hiccup this morning. Sorry.

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  1. Torr says:

    I’ve got a couple tracks to download from the new MMJ album too.

  2. okayfine says:

    Comparing Amy Millan to Grace Slik is like comparing Cindy Brady to Wendy O’Williams……please! In any case, also being a fan of the Dead, I can see some comparison on the community side – however, lasting music is another story. We’ll see if kids are still singing BSS around campfires long after many of the band members have died….

  3. enormous cat says:

    the new mmj is great. you gotta hear "gideon"

  4. torr says:

    Oops, did I not post my address? Here it is.

  5. graig says:

    I thought Phish were the new Grateful Dead… Maybe BSS is the new Phish.