Sunday, June 5th, 2005

Leaps And Bounds

What is it with show conflicts on Sundays? It’s strange enough that there’s been as many shows scheduled for Sunday nights in the past few months as there have been, but I can think of at least three or four recent incidences of having to miss something great to see something else great – all on the the day of rest, no less.

Like tonight – going to see Spoon, but if I wasn’t I’d totally be at Wavelength to catch The Airfields. They’re a relatively new local outfit – I only recall seeing their names popping up in show listings in the past few months or so – but what I’ve heard has been utterly beguiling. In fact, the more I listen to them, the more I like them. And I’ve been listening to them lots.

Very much at odds with the post-punk/disco/noise aesthetic that seems to be in fashion in the 416 these days (or screaming metal, based on the sound of the other tenants in my rehearsal space), the five-piece sound blend the right amount of lo-fi jangle, whirring keyboards and delicate vocal harmonies and wrap it all up reverbs that make it sound like the ghost of some of the sweetest, most forlorn pop music you ever did hear. Fans of Sarah Records and The Field Mice would be highly advised to give a listen.

This track comes from their only recorded output to date, the 3-track City-State EP that is available to download in its entirety off their website:

MP3: The Airfields – “Leaps & Bounds”

I couldn’t find a copy at Soundscapes the other day, but will keep checking back for re-stock as I obviously want to encourage them to keep making music and it’s got some really nice packaging and artwork. Wavelength has a little interview with the band to preview their show tonight at Sneaky Dee’s. Cover is pay-what-you-can and The Airfields are on at midnight. You know, Spoon would be over by then and I could concievably make it to that show as well, 8AM work time tomorrow be damned. And if not, then I’ll surely catch them the next time they play.

Back to Spoon for a moment – they tell Chart that they love to tour. Really.

The Japan Times welcomes Yo La Tengo to Japan with a good long feature article/interview. From Largehearted Boy.

Paste talks to director Bradley Beesley about the making of Fearless Freaks, the documentary on the life and times of The Flaming Lips.

There may be some site downtime in the next couple days as I’m moving hosting providers. Hopefully it won’t be for long – it’s just a DNS thing, the actual site transfer is done and working – but if I go AWOL for you at some point in the near future, fret not. I’ll keep writing, you just may not be able to access it until your DNS updates.

np – M Ward / Transfiguration Of Vincent

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  1. Thierry says:

    Tonight, you could conceivably catch the Hidden Cameras (at the Phoenix – it’s an early show), Spoon, and the Airfields.

    Sunday nights ARE crazy…

  2. Ian says:

    Nice tip on the Airfields. Excellent stuff.