Saturday, June 4th, 2005


Sigur Ros continue to cement their reputation as the prefered epic space rock indie band of ballet companies. The Icelandic combo composed a new piece of music for the Royal Danish Ballet’s performance of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl”. The six-minute song isn’t scheduled for release but you can watch the televised performance of the piece from their website: (10 MB Lo-Res WMV / 20 MB Low-Res WMV).

And if you’ve never been through the audio and video archives, you’re missing out. There’s a treasure trove of great stuff there. In non-ballet band news, they are currently booking tour dates around Europe and Australia through the Summer and still have a release target of September for their fourth album.

The New York Times considers the motivation behind the ad nauseum reissuing of Elvis Costello’s back catalog (via Stereogum) while PopMatters has a decidedly lukewarm review of the final volume in the Rhino reissue series, King Of America.

NOW lists their picks for next week’s NXNE festival, but neglects to put the schedule grids from the print edition online. You can, however, finally get them from the NXNE website in grid format. The Globe & Mail also lists their best bets for the fest. I still have to sit down and figure out what, if anything, I’m going to try and see. Naturally, the few things that have my interest are conflicts with one another. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some Depression has been posting downloads of some excellent Steve Earle and Rilo Kiley live material.

A whole bunch of covers of “I Wanna Be Your Dog”. Via LHB.

Pitchfork gets a little info from Joey Burns about Lay In The Reigns, the Calexico/Iron & Wine collaborative EP due out this Fall.

Flagpole asks The Brunettes what it’s like opening up for two of the hottest indie tours of the past Spring, The Shins and Rilo Kiley. Via LHB.

Last night I went to see my brother’s fiancee’s sister (is there a more succinct genealogical term for that relationship?) perform in a comedy show called Reservoir Bitches, which as the name implies, is a gender-reversal satire of the Tarantino film. I’ve tried write up a little review for Torontoist… Remember, comedy/theatre/etc is not my department – I kept trying to work in a line about how the show was derivative of early New Order, but managed to restrain myself.

np – M83 / Before The Dawn Heals Us

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  1. lompoc prison #41785-B says:

    brother’s (soon-to-be) sister-in-law?

  2. jonselig says:

    Yes – your future – sister-in law.