Monday, May 9th, 2005


I bought a new TV this weekend – nothing fancy by today’s standards, but a huge improvement over my 20-year old set. Hooked it up to the DVD player with high-techy component video cables and the first thing I watched with my grand new entertainment centre? Season two of Sealab 2021! I had a feeling I wasn’t getting the full sensory experience with my old setup and boy was I right. There’s so much detail and depth to the images, it’s like a veil has been lifted from mine eyes. The oranges of the jumpsuits are so much more vivid now! I mean, Bizarro vivid!

Junkmedia interviews John Darnielle of Mountain Goats, who promises that a song about Ozzy may be inevitable. The Kalamazoo Gazette and The New Yorker also have Goats features.

Pitchfork reviews the double-disc rerelease of Elvis Costello’s King Of America and find that it is still a great record. Enlightening.

The Sunday Herald finds out why Teenage Fanclub have decided to go it alone in releasing their new album Man-Made. They get a little help on these shores from Merge who are putting out the record on June 7. Via LHB.

Comics2Film reports that Hugo Weaving, aka Agent Smith and Elrond, has replaced James Purefoy in the title role of the film adaptation of V For Vendetta. I guess they can get away with swapping actors this far into production since the character wears a Guy Fawkes mask through the whole film. Dub new dialogue over previously shot scenes et voila!

The New York Times (bugmenot: iwantnews093/iwantnews) examines the phenomenon of geek films currently ruling the box office. Our time is now!

And this is what we call a slow news day. Hopefully something amazing will happen today.

np – Broken Social Scene / You Forgot It In People

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  1. david says:

    We had the same experience last year when we upgraded our old 20" set. My wife even said, "Oh my god, we were watching crap."

  2. matt says:

    by now, i’m sure you’ve heard about the reasons why Low will not be touring. seems like they might not be touring for awhile.

    it’s too bad. they’ll be back though, in time.