Tuesday, May 10th, 2005


So here’s the official lineup for that show on Olympic Island June 26:

Modest Mouse

Broken Social Scene


Do Make Say Think

The Most Serene Republic

Triumph Of Lethargy

Keren Ann*

* – Keren Ann is a maybe. If she does appear, Keren Ann would be the odd duck on this bill. I guess they figure since she’s in town the for the Jazz Festival the day before, why not? I wonder how her stuff would go over a) in a big open field, and b) to a crowd of Modest Mouse-loving indie kids.

Early bird tickets go on sale today at 10AM with a CFNY password (you’ll have to look up the specifics elsewhere) for $36.50 and regular tickets go on sale this Saturday for $42.50 at Ticketmaster, Rotate and Soundscapes. There’s also an extra $6 surcharge per ticket that covers the ferry ride and a charitable donation towards island improvements. While it’s a perfectly solid lineup, it’s not enough to get me to shell out the $50 to go sit in a field. I don’t know what the bill would have had to be to persuade me, but this isn’t it.

Do you like my badass Photoshop pic of the two headliners? They look like they’re ready to throw down. Broken Social’s got the numbers and Andrew Whiteman’s got the muscle T, but Modest Mouse have that crazy-ass look in their eyes. I bet they fight dirty. Isaac Brock would probably bite your ear off so much as look at you.

Alan Sparhawk has posted a letter on the Low message board explaining why the band has cancelled all upcoming touring plans – he’s not right in the noggin. Best wishes to Alan and his friends and family that he gets well soon.

Ben Folds, Ben Lee and Rufus “Not Ben” Wainwright are at the Kool Haus on August 9. I’m honestly not sure who’s got top billing on this show. I suspect it’s not Ben Lee, though.

Tiny Mix Tapes has a quickie interview with M Ward.

Stereogum readers play mad libs with the sentence, “I SAW ROCK & ROLL’S ________ AND ITS NAME IS _________”. Hilarity ensues.

So I’m watching the trailer for The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe and I’m thinking, man – this looks like The Lord Of The Rings done in all primary colours. I hope that they take some time between now and the Christmas release date to rub some dirt on the digital effects. It doesn’t look very good right now.

24: So this is how I see the end of season 4 – never mind the missile, that’s old news. The US hands over Jack to the Chinese for his part in, um, invading China, and season five is all about Jack escaping from a Chinese prison where all the guards are clones of James Hong (www.jameshong.com). Like Agent Smith in The Matrix, except they’re all dressed as the bad guy from Big Trouble In Little China. Just wait, it’ll happen. I’m surprised the US government didn’t try to pin the consulate ambush on Marwan. After all – he is the man responsible for today’s attacks. But a nice quick takedown of the big bad, glad they didn’t drag that out. Pity about the missile, though.

Today is my last day as a twenty-something. I should be getting drunk or something, shouldn’t I? Yeah, I think I’ll just finish watching Sealab 2021.

np – Godspeed You Black Emperor! / Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven!

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  1. Torr says:

    Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright will be alternating who plays last each night. Unfortunately the closest that tour is coming to Texas is Tulsa, Oklahoma on a Sunday.

  2. Michael says:

    I’ll be suffering the same fate later this month (23rd), let me know if Sea Lab eases the transition any.

  3. Mike says:

    I can’t see this piano-driven show translating well at the Kool Haus. Too cavernous. I saw Rufus at the Mod Club and Club Denim last year and those were good venues for his music. I think I will pass on this.

  4. TS says:

    Just saw Ryan Adams at the Kool Haus and it was TERRIBLE. I love Ben Folds but I can’t see him translating there AT ALL. Damn House of Blues for putting all these quality musicians in that concrete hell hole. Gentle music should not be played with a bunch of loud unappreciative drunks.

    And about 24 – yes – I see next year shaping up to be a good duel with the Chinese. Poor Jack!

  5. Mike says:

    I agree TS. So many artists that I would like to see (i.e. Ryan Adams, NIN / Dresden Dolls, Coldplay etc), but just can’t muster the enthusiasm to travel down to the Queen’s Quay.

    The only concert I can remember that was memorable there was Joe Strummer. Not sure how he transcended the limitations of that monstrosity.

  6. Frank says:

    I have seen some decent shows at the Kool Haus. Wilco actually managed to sound quite good there a couple years ago, and Belle & Sebastian was also fun though that may have been more a testament to the performance – they entertained despite the venue.

    But yeah, as a rule I hate it. going twice in a month (Shins, Doves) is waaaay too much for my liking.

  7. toddc says:

    Has Metric been touring with the same album for at least 5 years now? WE NEED A NEW ALBUM, NOW!!!

  8. merckeda says:

    definitely NOT worth the money for Olympic Island this year, but I’m a sucker for BSS and Metric so I’ll go. I could do without Keren Ann though.

  9. Matt says:

    Happy early birthday!

  10. suckingalemon says:

    Olympic island was alot of fun last year and while last years lineup was better bss + modest mouse + dmst make it worth going again, even if the price is higher. But there is really no better way to spend a sunday.

    Id like to see rufus, but i don’t think id enjoy seeing him at the kool haus.


  11. thomaus says:

    The tickets at Ticketmaster are listed at $48.50 and when you punch in the CFNY word "Plague", they drop to $42.50 (+ 4 + 10 = 99 for two tix…eek!). Does anybody know if the early-bird price tix are gone? Last year was a pretty good time, but the line-up seems thinner this year.

  12. thomaus says:

    Wait. I get it! The $42.50 has the six dollar ferry/donation fee included — so they ARE at the early bird price currently. And I didn’t think I’d use math after grade school…

  13. Thierry says:

    Does Keren Ann keep coming back to Toronto just for me? I’ve been a fan for four years and always maligned the fact that I would probably never see her live on this side of the Atlantic…and if she does that gig as well, it’ll be four Toronto shows in less than a year. Then again, 50 dollars for that lineup doesn’tr sound like much of a deal, so I’ll pass…

  14. TS says:

    $50 to see that lineup is quite sad. Last year we were treated to BSS, Sloan, Constantines, Buck 65, The Stills, Pilate, Sam Roberts, DFA and Arcade Fire……for about 15 dollars left than this shoddy line-up. eek.

  15. Rachel says:

    But, Frank, you get cuter with age. I say, bring on the 30s and increased hotness!

  16. scornfate says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for the good tunes and daily posts.

  17. Eva says:

    I saw Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright last year when they were touring with Guster, and that tour the three of them were all getting equal play time and alternated lineups. I saw them at the outside stage in Buffalo and it was fine: I was expecting a lot of random people coming (because it was free) but the people near the stage were all fans and definately there specifically for one of the three performers.

    I’ll be going to that Kool Haus show, probably, so I can see how they do in there.