Sunday, May 8th, 2005

Too Big For Gidget

It looks as though New Zealand’s Brunettes will be joining Nada Surf as support for the leg of the Rilo Kiley tour that hits The Opera House on May 19. I quite enjoyed them when they opened for The Shins last month – it may be featherweight, but their giddy pop is great fun. I got their last album Mars Loves Venus at the Shins show and wouldn’t mind picking up some more of their stuff – I don’t think the new When Ice Met Cream EP was out yet when they were here last, hopefully they’ll have some copies available in a couple weeks. Hey Paul – that’s twice in a month I’ll be seeing them. Jealous?

Pitchfork reports that Nottingham’s Six By Seven have signed a deal with The First Time RecordS to release their latest album :04 in North America on August 16. Which is great, except I reported this back in February and the album came out last Fall. Furthermore, :04 will only be their new album for another couple of weeks – then Artists Cannibals Poets Thieves will get a formal release on May 23 in the UK (though it’s been available for sale from the band through their website for a few weeks now). But while PF is hardly on the ball with the news, at least the reporter managed to tell everyone about when he was deflowered, and really – isn’t that the important thing? Eww.

The Boston Globe talks to John Darnielle about putting his childhood on public display on The Mountain Goats’ new album, The Sunset Tree. The Goats are at Lee’s Palace this Wednesday – you should be there. Link from Largehearted Boy, who has been you one-stop Mountain Goats shop for links and reviews lately.

Billboard reports on Drive Well, Sleep Carefully: On the Road With Death Cab For Cutie, a tour documentary on Death Cab For Cutie that follows the band through their 2004 tour for Transatlanticism and will feature live performances, rehearsals and demos. The film will debut at the Seattle International Film Festival next month and come out on DVD from the good people at Plexifilm on July 26. Death Cab’s major-label debut Plans is slated for a September 20 release.

Also not coming to a theatre anywhere near you – Better Off In Bed, a film about rock-n-roll and relationships starring Vancouver’s New Pornographers and The Gay. Sounds fascinating.

The Onion AV Club goes through the liner notes of Elvis Costello’s latest round of reiussues and compiles an album-by-album retrospective, in Declan’s own words.

On my way home from running errands yesterday afternoon, I passed through the Toronto chapter of the Global Marijuana March. There were hundreds of people bumming around in Queen’s Park, the seat of Ontario’s government, handing around bongs, blunts, spliffs, joints, ganja, etc etc, while the cops just stood around and watched. I got a buzz just walking through them all.

np – British Sea Power / Open Season

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  1. Paul says:

    Jealous? Yeah, extremely.

    Also miffed over the fact that if I want to see them this time, I’d have to buy a ticket for a Rilo Kiley show. *shudder*

  2. Frank says:

    sometimes life requires us to do distasteful things, Paul. I have faith that you can soldier through it and come out a better person in the end.

  3. thomaus says:

    I’m more troubled at having to deal with seeing Nada Surf again. I didn’t like them at all when I last saw them following Sondre Lerche.

  4. Rachel says:

    Don’t grow up, Frank. Stay a 20-something with me forever. We can fly over pirate ships, play with Injuns, and live in treehouses for the rest of our young, young lives. Or, what would be the hipster, indie version of the Peter Pan lifestyle? Any thoughts?

  5. Paul says:

    Well, on the plus side, it’s only $14 and Okkervil River is on the bill as well.

  6. Alpha. says:

    Wait a minute… how can Shearwater open for The Mountain Goats when Okkervil River is touring in the states?

    Do they tour without Will Sheff?

  7. Adele says:

    You should see the Brunettes when they have 11+ members and become the Brunettes Pop Orchestrette, it adds a whole new dimension to the mary-kate and ashley thing when there are more than 10 of them staring back at you…

  8. Heather says:

    the brunettes had the ice cream ep with them when they were in new york recently. i saw them at an in-store in brooklyn and at webster hall with the shins. however, i’m miffed i paid that much money for the webster hall show just to see the brunettes again.