Tuesday, August 24th, 2004


So I went out and got myself a Palm. A Zire 21, the cheapest one out there, sure, but I now have myself one of these fancy-shmantzy personal digital assistants. Here’s why: I got a camera last week, remember? And it’s not small. And I want to keep it with me at all times for spontaneous picture-taking. But my bag is only so big, and I’d rather not get a new bag (not that I can find a suitable one, I’ve looked). I had been using a Day-Timer (note use of caps denoting a proper name – it was a full-on zip-up binder-clasp personal organizer) which was kinda big and kinda heavy and kinda underutilized and cost over $20 a year to refill with pages. So why not ditch the Day Timer and get a nice little Palm for under $100?

Why not indeed – so that’s what I did. All I really need it for is a calendar, address book and notepad – the games are just gravy (anyone know where I can get stuff like chess and euchre, gratis?). I’ve also got a couple eBooks (Last Of The Mohicans and Wizard Of Oz) installed which I’ll probably never read. The thing arrived in the mail yesterday and now I’ve begun the not-so-exciting process of typing all my addresses and phone numbers into the Windows app before syncing it up with the Palm. I think now is a good time to decide who I wish the keep in contact with in the future and who should just be conveniently lost in the data move… You’re dead to me. And you. You… you can stay. But you are definitely gone.

What, you thought from the entry title there’d be some Interpol content? Well they do have a fancy new website, rejigged to match the album art for Antics, out September 28. Go play with that.

Doug Martsch of Built To Spill mentioned at a recent live show that their new album would be coming out in September. That might be a little optimistic since last I checked they were still on Warner Bros and their release schedule was finalized a while ago, and BTS ain’t on it. However, it at least augers well that we’ll see a new BTS record in Fall of this year. At least they’re doing something.

Gawker has a five-question interview with Ted Leo that’s fairly pithy until Ted gets started on file sharing – then it gets interesting. And for the record, I’m completely onside with Ted’s thoughts on the subject…

…But not so much that I wouldn’t post more than a half-dozen unauthorized mp3s for the week, which have netted me over 1000 hits in a day for the first time ever thanks to Largehearted Boy linking to my GBV post yesterday. Whoo. I’m a-waiting for my webhosting provider to come a-knocking.

Guess it’ll be a shorter one today, not finding much of note to talk about (if the mailman hadn’t brought my Palm it would have been even shorter!). Tomorrow should be good though, as the schedule for the Toronto International Film Festival is supposed to come out this afternoon at 12:30 PM. I’ll need help picking out the films I’m going to try and get tickets to, so I’m going to open it up to you, the reader, to offer suggestions! It’ll be just like that time in Batman when DC allowed the readers to vote whether to kill off Robin II or not. Except you’re picking films and not playing God over a fictional comic book character whom no one liked anyway (Jason Todd was a twerp). But besides that, it’s exactly the same thing.

np – The Replacements / Pleased To Meet Me

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  1. Gary Campbell says:

    Make sure you take that Five out of your address book. Once he packs up and leaves, we’re planning to erase all record of him.

  2. Shoma says:

    Re: Interpol/PDA … you’re such a tease.