Wednesday, August 25th, 2004

Black Postcards

If this is legitimately Luna’s official bio for Rendezvous… well it’s pretty damn clever. And if not, and it’s actually an interview request, well then it’s just weird – though if they’re willing to answer questions from any old schlub with a website, I should probably get cracking on questions for my own exclusive Luna interview! (Dean – how much time do you spend in the morning perfecting your bedhead?) Rendezvous is out October 26. The lovely new promo pic is by Stefano Giovannini. Check out his work – there’s some real nice stuff there. Sonic Youth and Cat Power are favoured subjects.

And speaking of Ms Chan Marshall, Matador is trumpeting something called Speaking For Trees: A Film By Mark Borthwick, out October 26, on the Cat Power section of their message boards. There doesn’t seem to be any further information available, but my awesome powers of deduction lead me to believe that it’s a documentary of some sort about Cat Power, maybe trees, certainly directed by one Mark Borthwick, and it’ll be in stores on the 26th of October.

The new Stars album Set Yourself On Fire is coming out October 12. According to the press release, “Set Yourself On Fire sees Stars build upon their already acclaimed catalogue of songs about life, love, death, heartbreak. and the need to set yourself on fire when there’s nothing left to burn”. Sounds grandiose. Curiously, there’s been no word about Amy Millan’s solo record in a long time. What gives? Tidbits from Pop (All Love).

The excessively long list of nominees for the 2004 Shortlist of Music prize is out. I’m looking over this list, and honestly I’m having trouble coming up with a short list of my own – not even a top 10. There’s records on there I like but don’t think are necessarily the artistic achievements that winning the Shortlist prize would imply as well as records that I expect WILL make the short list simply by virtue of their popularity. I mean, I like the Franz Ferdinand album alright, but it’s really not much more than a dance/party record, y’know? Not really one for the ages. The Shortlist mission statement says the prize seeks to honour the “most adventurous and creative albums of the year across all genres of music, focusing on emerging artists rather than established hitmakers”, but that should mean more than just an indie/new artist whose managed to find some commercial success. If we’re going to give weight to artistic ambition/pretention, then I’d have to give the nod to The Wrens’ The Meadowlands, Wilco’s A Ghost Is Born, Nellie McKay’s Get Away From Me and maybe The Sleepy Jackson’s Lovers, though that’s a dark horse on account of the fact that very few people have heard it (a damn shame, it’s a brilliant record). Granted, there’s lots of nominees I haven’t heard, either because I haven’t gotten around to it or I simply have no interest, so I’m hardly laying odds on a winner. Just talking. Y’know.

Introducing DualDisc, coming October 2004. So let me get this straight – the Big Four (Three? Two?) record companies are actually doing something technologically-forward thinking that’s NOT going to screw over existing technology and make us buy the same albums for the umpteenth time in a different format? What’s the catch? Oh, I see – it’ll be years before they come out with anything besides Don Henley and Celine Dion discs and they’ll cost over $30 a piece. Nice. However, it has the Five For Fighting seal of approval, so it must be good. But here’s a question – if there’s redbook data on one side and DVD data on the other, just how careful are we going to have to be in handling these things?!?

As I mentioned yesterday, the film list (if not schedule or descriptions) for the 2004 TIFF came out yesterday. I believe I can submit my choices for the ticket lottery next week, so that gives me a little time to figure out what I want to see. Of course, short of Googling every title/director on the list, I don’t have much idea of what any of these films are save for a few of the high profile ones. Film buffs – care to offer some guidance? I’m going to do as suggested and avoid the bigger films that will be coming out theatrically in the next couple months anyway and try to target the stuff that’s a little further off the beaten path. At first glance, though, the list is just overwhelming. I may just throw caution to the wind, pick some flicks at random and hope for the best… Nah. Someone plan my festival itinerary for me.

np – Rilo Kiley / More Adventurous

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  1. Carla says:

    Re: shortlist. Loretta Lynn is an emerging artist?

    About time they started the ball rolling on that Dual Disc idea. Remember when DVD’s first came out and everyone was excited over the prospect of being able to buy the film and the soundtrack all on the same disc? And then that never actually happened?

    The TIFF schedule comes out on the 31st, and you get to submit your choices on the 3rd, so you have a few days to decide, I’m sure you’ll do OK. I’m not sure what it is you’re looking for with regard to film choices, however as an experience in itself I highly suggest checking out at least one Midnight Madness screening, and bring a friend if you can. Much fun.

  2. Five Seventeen says:

    Mark Borthwick deserves more mention than that… He’s done album covers for Sonic Youth http://…/ and has done fasion photography for a bunch of big name fashion magazines.

    He tends to like "the nude" (Kim Gordon wrapped in plastic) so it’ll be interesting to see what he does with Chan Marshall. Here’s an article http://…/ complete w/ images and a video (under "extra images") I’m pretty sure you can catch a few images from the Cat Power thing in there.

    He also makes for some pretty nice music and is in "horse ing two = hit" (w/ hollAnd) and has put out a few earlier outings as "hollAnd with Mark Borthwick". I’d recommend tracking down "Soundtrack for Synthetic Voices".

  3. cyn says:

    as for midnight madness, my pick so far is zebraman by takashi miike. you can watch <a href="http://…/ trailer</a> in japanese.

  4. cyn says:


  5. dig says:

    can’t agree with you more regarding franz ferdinand and the shortlist…i mean is anyone going to be listening to that record in five years from now?

  6. graig says:

    shortlist: well, there are a lot of decent albums on there, many of which I own and like, but nothing’s really striking me as standout (but also about 15 or 16 of them I’ve never even heard of before, so who knows).

    The information on the procedure of the shortlist is interesting and really the limitations of what artist can show up on the list is, well, short (2 rules!).

    It’ll be interesting to follow anyway.