Monday, August 23rd, 2004

Made To Be Broken

Nintendo hot pants. Push up- up- down- down- left- right- left- right- A- B- start and you can go all night.

Mother Jones hung out with Steve Earle during the recording of his new record and have a feature-length piece to show for it. The Revolution Starts tomorrow. From Thrasher’s Blog.

The Decemberists have almost finished work on their new album and were so excited, they had to call up Pitchfork and tell them all about it. With a working title of The Infanta and scheduled to come out next March, they say, “this record may be the closest we have come to making the record we really have always wanted to make”. And no band has ever said that about a forthcoming record. Not ever. To celebrate the end of the recording sessions, they’ll be hitting the road again in September for what is at least their third major tour of the year. But they’re not coming to Toronto so it’s of little interest to me.

Mogwai are putting out a sorta-kinda live-album-but-not-really this Fall featuring BBC sessions from the band inception through last year. Pitchfork has more details on Government Commisions: BBC Session 1996-2003. According to the band’s website, “All songs are studio versions apart from the first and last songs which were broadcast live from Maida Vale”. So there you go.

Take a look at the characters from the upcoming The Batman animated series (yes, another one, but this one has the definite article so it’s different). They have some decent voice talent lined up for this one. And by “decent”, I mean “I’ve heard of them”. I don’t know how Adam West does it – mayor of Gotham City AND Quahog, Rhode Island? The man is a workaholic. Some more shots from the show here

And speaking of Seth McFarlane (we were, indirectly), the man looks to be all over Fox next year with both the resurrected Family Guy and his other animated show, American Dad, which looks to be almost exactly the same as, um, Family Guy. But with more gunplay.

You know what’s nice? When large glass bottles of extra-virgin olive oil are on sale at the grocery store. Know what’s not so nice? When the strap on the knapsack in which you carry your groceries home in gives out. Know what’s really not nice? The aforementioned glass bottle shattering and depositing extra-virgin olive-oil all over the inside of the aforementioned knapsack (to say nothing of depositing glass shards in my hand when I reached in there). And you know what’s least nice of all? When the ice weasel that was hiding in the shrubbery, driven mad by the scent of blood, leapt out and bit off my hand. THAT was the worst part.

Okay, that last bit didn’t actually happen, but it could have and I wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised.

np – The Wedding Present / Seamonsters

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  1. Carla says:

    I would like to see the Atari joystick man briefs version of those hotpants, please.

  2. thrasher says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for the plug on Thrasher’s Wheat.

    Just saw Steve Earle tonight and had a little chat.

    Some pictures and a mini review @