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Sunday, November 25th, 2012


Titus Andronicus covers Nirvana

Photo via SpinSpinSeeing as how I’m presently some combination of underslept, overtired, and probably hung over, I’m keeping this brief. Which is good because this week’s selection doesn’t really need a lot of description beyond, “it’s Titus Andronicus covering Nirvana’s ‘Breed'” – it sounds exactly as you would think it would, all punk, snot, and snarl.

It was the New Jersey outfit’s contribution to last year’s Newermind, a tribute album assembled by Spin to mark the twentieth anniversary of Nevermind. Some of the other contributions may have been more creative or unexpected, but for capturing the intensity and attitude of Nirvana, Patrick Stickles and company got it right.

Titus Andronicus are at Lee’s Palace this Tuesday in support of their third album, Local Business. I imagine the twentieth anniversary editions of In Utero are being readied for release next year as we speak.

MP3: Titus Andronicus – “Breed”
Video: Nirvana – “Breed”