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Sunday, April 1st, 2012

"Time For Heroes"

Graham Coxon covers The Libertines

Image via AmazonAmazonI don’t think that Pete Doherty and I have very much in common – my drug habit is very much under control, thank you for asking – but it would seem that our list of musical idols shares some overlap. After all, if I were to itemize my guitar heroes 1-2, they’d probably be Bernard Butler of Suede and Graham Coxon of Blur, the former of whom produced The Libertines’ very first single “What A Waster” and the latter of whom was enlisted to play guitar on his 2009 solo album Grace/Wasteleands. So should it ever come to pass that we were locked in a room together, I suppose we could talk about that.

Coxon’s relationship with Doherty, at least musically, goes back further than that though, as he turned up to play “Time For Heroes” live with Doherty as early as 2004 and covered said tune in a visit to BBC’s Live Lounge in Fall of that year. It was released commercially as a 7″ b-side to “I Can’t Look At Your Skin”, one of his own solo singles circa 2006’s Love Travels at Illegal Speeds, his sixth solo record.

His eighth solo record A+E is out this week; DIY talks to him about the record and The Telegraph finds out about his fashion sense. Pete Doherty is, against all odds, still alive and not in jail and though The Libertines reunion hasn’t done much since 2010, with both Doherty and Carl Barat turning their attention to less lucrative solo pursuits, they technically remain an ongoing concern with both occasionally promising/threatening to do something again in the near future.

MP3: Graham Coxon – “Time For Heroes”
Video: The Libertines – “Time For Heroes”
Video: Pete Doherty with Graham Coxon – “Time For Heroes” (live 2004)