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Death From Above 1979 covers Bloc Party

image via WikipediaWikipediaAs recently as a year ago, it didn’t look like this cover would ever get a chance to be aired out again in a legitimate manner. Sure, I posted it back in 2007 when Sebastien Grainger’s new band The Mountains opened up for Bloc Party, but that was tenuous at best – Death From Above 1979 had been inactive since 2006 and Bloc Party were formally on hiatus as of Summer 2009.

And yet here we are, with both sides of the equation back in action. DFA1979’s return to performance was unexpected and improbable, considering the terms on which the original run ended (check out the original farewell note) but time heals all and if not, money makes a pretty good bandage and DFA1979 has been doing the festival circuit all year and are finally doing some Canadian dates, including two hometown nights at the Sound Academy on October 27 and 28.

As for Bloc Party, they got back to business this Fall and garnered some headlines with both Kele Okereke and Russell Lissack “took the piss”, as the Brits say, with the media and started a little firestorm about Okereke having been kicked out of the band and the other three auditioning new singers (Grainger has a little fun with that on Twitter). But with the dust settled and the transcripts and recordings made a matter of public record, the net take-away is that Bloc Party remains Bloc Party and are working on a fourth record. Just like they always said they would.

As for this track, it originally showed up as the b-side to DFA1979’s “Black History Month” single and was then included in the Silent Alarm Remixed album because, well, it was pretty great.

MP3: Death From Above 1979 – “Luno”
Video: Bloc Party – “Luno” (live)

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