Sunday, August 21st, 2011

"I Will Dare"

Stephen Malkmus covers The Replacements

Photo By John ClarkJohn ClarkStephen Malkmus can rightfully lay claim to “legend” status thanks to his works both fronting Pavement and his prolific solo career, but on a tour stop at First Avenue in Minneapolis in April 2003, circa his Pig Lib album, he honoured some of his college rock forebears – The Replacements – in their hometown with a spirited cover of the leadoff track from their greatest album Let It Be. Not the tidiest rendition, but the Mats were never about tidiness now, were they?

Stephen Malkmus’ new album with The Jicks – Mirror Traffic – is out this Tuesday, August 23, and they play The Phoenix on September 21. After a minor flurry of activity in the form of digital releases in 2008 and 2009, Paul Westerberg has been quiet, creatively. Mats bassist Tommy Stinson more than picks up the slack, however, being bassist of record in both Guns’N’Roses and Soul Asylum and will be releasing his second solo record in One Man Mutiny on August 30. Rolling Stone talks to Stinson about the album and has an MP3 from it available to download. also has a chat and floats the inevitable reunion question.

And PS I’m just on vacation – regular posting will be back tomorrow or Tuesday, latest.

MP3: Stephen Malkmus – “I Will Dare”
Stream: The Replacements – “I Will Dare”

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  1. Your Narrator says:

    As much as I love any ‘Mats cover, I gotta say that without the throat shredding vocals and mandolin, it “I Will Dare” just seems a bit off.

    I can’t believe the Jicks are touring in September, given that Wild Flag hits the road in October. Does Janet Weiss ever sleep?

  2. Frank Yang says:

    Janet Weiss does not appear to be in this incarnation of The Jicks:

    so yes, she does sleep. I assume.