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Frightened Rabbit covers The Lemonheads

Photo via AVCAV ClubSince kicking off last Summer, The AV Club Undercover series has been a real boon for covers bloggers like myself because, well, they make things so damn easy. Not only do they bring together the artists and the songs and provide high-quality video from which to extract the soundtrack, they get the artist to explain their choice. In this case, you’ve got Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison doing The Lemonheads solo style because, as he puts it, “I’ve always liked the song, you know it kind of fits in with the way that I like to write as well – it’s about a guy and a girl, and that works for me”. A-yup.

Frightened Rabbit should be working on the follow-up to last years’ Winter Of Mixed Drinks, but when Death Cab For Cutie invite you along for a Summer tour of North America’s outdoor amphitheatres, you kinda say yes. They’ll be at Toronto’s Molson Amphitheatre this Friday evening, July 29. As for The Lemonheads, the current lineup – who has been together since around 2005 so are pretty legit – have opted to dust off It’s A Shame About Ray for one of those complete album performance tours that are de rigeur these days and are taking it on the road this Fall – they hit Lee’s Palace on October 17.

Fun fact: I heard “Confetti” in a bar last night. Clearly a sign. Of something.

MP3: Frightened Rabbit – “Confetti”
Video: Frightened Rabbit – “Confetti”
Video: The Lemonheads – “Confetti”

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  1. Mike says:

    Line-up for the Lemonheads is always changing…

    In light of Evan’s solo tour with Juliana this past spring, and the fact that she was a member of the Lemonheads for It’s A Shame About Ray, do you think she’ll be coming along for this tour?

    When they played Lee’s Palace in June, it was for NXNE, so all we got was a 30 minute tease of the two playing together again.