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A deluge of Scott Pilgrim stuff

Image by Bryan Lee-O'MalleyBryan Lee-O’MalleyYesterday afternoon, the words “Scott Pilgrim” became the top trending topic worldwide on Twitter, a remarkable if probably fleeting accomplishment that kind of underscores how big a deal the release of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (the motion picture) this coming Friday is… at least to people on Twitter. And like indie rock. And comic books. And (old-school) video games. And Toronto. In other words, people like me. And possibly/probably you.

And so I present to you a selection of particularly interesting or entertaining links culled from the veritable ocean of Pilgrim-related articles, interviews, videos, games and online tchotchke related to the film. Or at least the ones I found. There’s this interview with series creator Bryan Lee-O’Malley, these The Los Angeles Times and AV Club conversations with film director Edgar Wright, this The Toronto Star interview both Wright and star Michael Cera, this series overview for newbs from The Globe & Mail, this collection of fake Lucas Lee movie posters, this MTV cast interview video at their Lee’s Palace soundstage (with an explanation of why they didn’t use the real Lee’s as a set), this Newsarama interview with various cast members and this other Los Angeles Times piece interviewing music supervisor Nigel Godrich and contributor Beck about putting together the music for the film.

Advance reviews of the film are pretty good but I’m sure once you adjust for geekdom, it’s awesome. I will have to wait a while to see for myself, though, as other engagements will keep me from making it to a theatre probably until Monday or Tuesday. But to hold me over, I re-read the whole series last night and have this fascinating interactive trailer, this brilliant trailer assembled from frames of the comic, this video of Jason Schwartzman and Michael Cera doing the weather for an Atlanta news broadcast and as the domino that will finally get me to perhaps get a modern video game system (or at least borrow one for a while), the video game trailer. And both the soundtrack and original score of the film are available to stream in their entirety at Spinner.

Stream: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Original Soundtrack
Stream: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Original Score

Bradley’s Almanac is sharing a recording of Arcade Fire’s show in Boston a couple weeks ago while Zoilus has posted a transcript of an interview with Win Butler. They play the Toronto Islands this coming Saturday, and congratulations to the band on scoring #1 records in the Canada, the UK and USA.

Owen Pallett will release a new EP on 10″ come September 28 – details on A Swedish Love Story available at Domino Records.

Movie Entertainment profiles celebrity Basia Bulat while The Edmonton Journal finds out about her next project. She’s at the Phoenix on October 26.

Prefix interviews Stars, who will be setting up at Massey Hall on October 23.

PopMatters asks 20 questions of Tokyo Police Club, who will be opening up for Phoenix at the Ricoh Coliseum on October 26.

Paste talks to Liz Powell of Land Of Talk, whose new one Cloak And Cipher is out next week. They’re at Lee’s Palace on September 16.

American Songwriter profiles American songwriter Samantha Crain. She’s at the Horseshoe on September 26.

Spinner inquires about The Thermals’ Personal Life. It’s out September 7 and they follow it with a show at Lee’s Palace on October 9.

Daytrotter has posted a session with First Aid Kit and another with Ferraby Lionheart, who will be opening up for them at the El Mocambo on October 15.

The first video from Grinderman’s Grinderman 2 is out and yes, it’s 100% ridiculous. Grinderman 2 is out September 14 and they play the Phoenix on November 11.

Video: Grinderman – “Heathen Child”

Kate Nash, having played the deliberately undersized Mod Club back in April, brings her second album My Best Friend Is You back to town for a show at the Phoenix on November 13 as part of an extensive Fall tour. The Sydney Morning Herald has an interview.

Video: Kate Nash – “Do Wah Do”

The Cribs have just released a new video for a non-album single entitled “Housewife”.

Video: The Cribs – “Housewife”

This Is Fake DIY has got an acoustic session with Sky Larkin and The Yorkshire Evening Post an interview.

Blurt has a feature piece on The Wedding Present.

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  1. ricky says:

    haha just noticed you are watching 5 shows in 5 days.

  2. Frank Yang says:

    yeah, I’ve been watching this week on the calendar approach with mostly dread.

  3. Naedoo says:

    The Ack posted on a Plumtree Tribute album yesterday on the hill, seems timely perhaps:

  4. Bruce says:

    Thanks for all the Pilgrim movie goodies. Some of the advance reviews are mixed, but it looks like a content vs. style issue for some reviewers – everyone appreciates the bravura filmmaking, but if they don’t get / aren’t familiar with the source material, they give it a bad review; if they do / are, they love it. In other words, you’re bang on about factoring geekdom into the equation. And it will therefore be awesome.

    I guess that means you weren’t able to attend the star-studded Pilgrim Premiere at the Winter Garden last Thursday? I would have thought it was a given that you’d be there!

    Speaking of both Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett, I caught the webcast from MSG last week, and it looks like Pallett is one of the violinists in the touring band. Not surprising given their history together, surprising (or maybe not) given Pallett’s current stature.

  5. Frank Yang says:

    I didn’t get any invites to any of the pre-Pilgrim showings and was too busy to try and rustle one up. I believe I’m ducking out of work a little early on Friday for a late matinee though, so all good.
    Owen was one of the openers at the MSG shows so it was a given he’d play with the band. I’m not sure he’s actually touring with them. That said, I expect to see him on Saturday unless he’s out of town or something.

  6. Kevin says:

    No Owen Pallett this Saturday. He’s playing a show in Finland.

  7. thomaus says:

    I’m pretty sure that I first read about the Scott Pilgrim books on Chromewaves…years ago when volume 3 came out. It’s been an LOL literary experience ever since. And the movie was a load of fun too. The casting was pretty much spot-on. The conversion from book to movie was very well done. And it’s one of the best movies with rock-bands-playing-rock-music-in-a-movie (i.e. the music didn’t suck). Lee’s Palace is now world famous. Much hilarity and laughs in the theatre tonight. So, thanks for plugging the series.

    (One of the biggest laughs came before the main feature even started. The audience broke into big laughs at the end of trailer for ‘Devil’. Hope that’s not too much of a spoiler.)

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