Sunday, June 13th, 2010

"Kennel District"

Broken Social Scene covers Pavement

Photo By Joel DidriksenJoel DidriksenPast lineups for the almost-annual Toronto Island Concert (née Olympic Island) have had a charmingly random quality to them – Keren Ann on a bill with Modest Mouse? Sure! Feist back to back with Bloc Party? Why not! – but this year’s double-shot of Pavement and Broken Social Scene actually has some history behind it, besides the obvious pairing of the Summer’s biggest reunion and a hometown show for arguably the city’s biggest band.

Scott Kannberg, aka Spiral Stairs, aka Preston School Of Industry, kept busy in the years that Pavement was on the shelf. In addition to his own works, guested on Kevin Drew’s Spirit If… solo record and appeared at some of the accompanying tour dates. He teamed up with Broken as a one-off act called Human Milk when he curated Calgary’s Sled Island a couple of years ago and contributed to the new Broken album Forgiveness Rock Record. In return, Kevin Drew’s grandmother appeared on his debut record as Spiral Stairs – last year’s The Real Feel (no really) and generally – like most every band of their generation – were influenced by Kannberg and his compatriot. “Ibi Dreams Of Pavement”? Yeah. BSS + SS = BFF.

And whilst Drew was on tour as Broken Social Scene – the whole “presents” thing ditched from the concert bill early on – one of Kannberg’s best-loved Pavement compositions was trotted out as a cover. This recording of Broken Social Scene performing “Kennel District” from Wowee Zowee comes from their show in Washington DC in November 2007, recorded for posterity by and available to stream at NPR.

Pavement and Broken Social Scene are joined by Band Of Horses, Beach House and more out on the Toronto Islands this Saturday, June 19. Crawdaddy and The Prague Post have interviews with Kannberg about both the Pavement reunion and his solo work.

MP3: Broken Social Scene – “Kennel District”
Video: Pavement – “Kennel District” (live)

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