Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Sunday Cleaning

Old World Vulture, B For Butterfly

Photo By Frank YangFrank Yang

Who: B For Butterfly
What: English duo apparently not given to divulging much information about themselves, but prefer to let the music speak for them. And the two songs they’ve offered up say volumes; haunting and spare, rooted in folk and versed in rock and rich with melancholic melody and soaring harmony. If everything that showed up in my inbox was half as beautiful, it’d be a better world.
MP3: B For Butterfly – “Photograph”
MP3: B For Butterfly – “Treading On Snails”

Who: Old World Vulture
What: Quartet hailing from various points along the 401 offers a more extroverted take on instrumental post-rock and see no reason why sweeping cinematic soundscapes can’t live in harmony with squelching synths and heavy-ass guitar riffing. They’re giving away some tracks from their forthcoming debut EP on their website and are playing the Horseshoe this Friday night, December 11.
MP3: Old World Vulture – “Bastard Engine”
MySpace: Old World Vulture

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