Sunday, September 13th, 2009

"Love My Way"

Pernice Brothers cover The Psychedelic Furs

Photo via AmazonAmazonPeople probably don’t believe Joe Pernice, he of the gorgeously depressive folk-pop, when he says he’s a huge fan of early ’80s British new wave with its mechanical tones and synthetic textures. And so perhaps to prove it, he covers it. A lot. Or he did, anyways – his latest release It Feels So Good When I Stop is almost all covers and while it ranges from ’70s AM pop through classic country and ’90s college rock, his Anglophile side is pretty much ignored. But then, the album is meant to soundtrack his new book of the same name, and it’s not autobiographical, not at all. No sir.

Digging back through his Pernice Brothers and Chappaquiddick Skyline periods, however, reveal a trifecta of superb covers from the era – New Order’s “Leave Me Alone”, The Chameleons’ “Up The Down Escalator” and this one of The Psychedelic Furs’ “Love My Way”, released as a b-side to the “Clearspot” single. Maybe someday Joe will release another covers album comprised solely of this stuff. But probably not.

Pernice plays a combination show/book reading at the Dakota Tavern on September 24 while The Psychedelic Furs are teaming up with The Happy Mondays for a nostalgia tour that hits the Kool Haus on October 14. The Chicago Tribune has an interview with Pernice.

MP3: Pernice Brothers – “Love My Way”
Video: The Psychedelic Furs – “Love My Way”

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  1. Eric says:

    Love this and love Joe Pernice. I’ve gotta pick up his new one.

  2. Destroy Rock And Roll says:

    It kind of reminds me of the Psych Furs version … I do like it.


  3. Pedro Taveira says:

    Hi Frank, long time, no see…glad you stood here, despite the hard times! Everyday i come by and everytime there’s a surprise – love this website!!!

    Just want to correct you – “up the down escalator” (and not “staircase”) is one OF my all-time Chameleons’s favorite. Regarding P…Furs, it´s very difficult to find a voice like Richard Butler’s – by the way, what is he doing these days?

    See you,

    Pedro T.

  4. Frank Yang says:

    Hi Pedro

    thanks for the correction – high school drama leaking out of my subconscious there.

    As for what Butler is doing these days… well, he’s fronting the Psychedelic furs on tour right now!

  5. Michael says:

    I was traveling over the past couple of weeks and missed the Joe Pernice cover …. would love to have that one, since I’m a big fan. Could we arrange something?