Friday, March 27th, 2009

SxSW 2009 A/V – The Wrens

Photo By Frank YangFrank YangThe Wrens
Teaneck, New Jersey, USA

Indie-rock veterans beginning the slow journey forward from 2003’s epic The Meadowlands. Recording of the follow-up is underway
Show review
– album progress tracker at Magnet

Photos: The Wrens @ The Mohawk Patio – March 20, 2009
MP3: The Wrens – “Everyone Choose Sides”
MP3: The Wrens – “I Guess We’re Done”
MP3: The Wrens – “This Machine”
MP3: The Wrens – “Dance The Midwest”
MP3: The Wrens – “Surprise, Honeycomb”
MP3: The Wrens – “Built In Girls”
MP3: The Wrens – “Napiers”
MP3: The Wrens – “Behold Me”
MP3: The Wrens – “Grey Complexion”
Video: The Wrens – “Marked Up”
Video: The Wrens – “She Sends Kisses”
Video: The Wrens – “Per Second Second”
Video: The Wrens – “Faster Gun”
Video: The Wrens – “Boys, You Won’t”
MySpace: Wrens

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