Friday, February 15th, 2008

My Same

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With Amy Winehouse proving that there’s a British soul-revival diva market is a lucrative one (and also that utterly sabotaging one’s own career is no longer as simple as you might have thought), there’s no shortage of candidates for the “next big thing” in that particular style and at the moment, the two biggest names are the mono-monikered Duffy and Adele. Both come with the same set of adjectives – raspy, soulful, retro, Dusty – and their emergences onto the music scene are so synchronized that comparisons are unavoidable. Adele’s already won a Brit Award and her debut 19 hit #1 on the UK charts when it was released in January and it’s not much of a reach to expect Duffy’s Rockferry to do the same when it arrives on March 3.

The Guardian posited the question of “who’s better?” head-on last week and garnered no small amount of responses from their readership, and in typically British fashion, many of them electing to choose option c) – neither. For my part, I like them both better than Winehouse (whose music does nothing for me) but will have to give the edge to Duffy, if for no other reason than her record is produced by and features Bernard Butler. All things being equal, Bernard will always win.

And Torontonians get the chance to compare for themselves next month as both are coming to town. Duffy strikes first, with what’s likely to be a glitzy sort of show at the Mod Club on March 18 (hey, is Bernard in the touring band? Hmm…) while Adele rolls in a week later on March 26 with a gig at the Rivoli which easily has the edge on intimacy and “I saw her in a tiny room” bragging rights down the line. Incidentally, that’s the night that another UK act with a hot Butler-produced record, Sons & Daughters and This Gift, are in town and playing Lee’s Palace. The Butler is onmipresent.

Video: Duffy – “Rockferry”
Video: Duffy – “Mercy”
Video: Adele – “Chasing Pavements”
MySpace: Duffy
MySpace: Adele

Feist talks to the BBC about the unexpected attention that iPod commercial garnered her.

CMJ reports on former Rainer Maria vocalist Caithlin De Marrais’ forthcoming solo record My Magic City.

Rock Sellout interviews GlasVegas, an act it occurs to me I’m a bit disappointed will not be at SxSW. But on the plus side, the SxSW artists listing? Now with MP3 links. Can the torrent be far behind?

Black Kids undertake their first North American tour later this Spring and stop in at Lee’s Palace on May 9. Full dates at NME.

Chart talks to Kathleen Edwards about her new record Asking For Flowers, due out March 4. She plays The Phoenix on April 23.

Nicole Atkins tells The Boston Globe that success means being able to pay one’s dentist bills. Lee’s Palace this Sunday night. Yes.

Billboard and Reuters have features on the Drive-By Truckers

PopMatters ponders the meaning of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. As if “I am an American aquarium drinker” couldn’t be more self-explanatory.

Lucero, who have been recommended to me many times but whom I’ve never seen, have a date at the Horseshoe on April 19. The only catch? That’s the night of the Destroyer show at Lee’s. Decisions, decisions.

MP3: Lucero – “The Mountain”

And finally, check out the new Indiana Jones trailer if you haven’t already. So nice to see Harrison Ford in a non-catatonic role for a change.

Trailer: Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

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  1. Sean says:

    I’ll take Lucero over Destroyer any day of the week. There’s no contest on that one, having already seen both bands live before.

  2. Thierry says:

    I’ve heard a lot of talk about the Replacements in reference to Lucero – which means I’ll probably have to check out that show.

  3. Jay says:

    Hey Frank,
    Just wondering where you heard about the Lucero show? I can’t seem to find anything on the interweb. Do you have any other info you could pass along? do you happen to know when tickets are available?

    I read your blog almost every day and I think I can say with confidence that you will love Lucero live…

    Many thanks!

  4. Frank says:

    Pollstar has the Lucero dates:

    I’m on the fence. I’ve seen Destroyer before as well, so who knows. I’ll try to catch both at SxSW and make a decision from there.

  5. Frank says:

    and, if that itinerary is complete, Toronto is the tour closer. On a Saturday night. There could be some destroying going on after all.

  6. Scott E says:

    I’m gonna throw my concurrence to the Lucero vote in this issue. I’ve seen them live five times and am gearing up for number six in March. Just to let you know how strongly I feel about it, I’m skipping a reading and a meet-and-greet with Dave Eggers (yes, Pulitzer Prize nominated Dave Eggers) that night to see them on a co-bill with Bobby Bare, Jr.

    For some fun (but by no mean good) photos of the band in a sweaty club in South Carolina, here’s my Flickr account:


  7. Chuck says:

    Having not seen either band before and having been as infatuated with "Destroyer’s Rubies" as I was, I’m booking myself in for Destroyer, but damn how I wish Lucero could only be playing a day later….I guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers for an in-store somewhere.

  8. Torr says:

    someone from a management company email me and said that Glasvegas will probably be a late-addition to the SXSW lineup.

  9. Scott says:

    On a slightly unrelated note, out of curiosity, will photos emerge from the Loveless show? I thought I saw you there taking pictures… but don’t see anything online…??? Inquiring minds wanna know [smirk].

  10. Frank says:

    yeah, there’s photos. will be up this weekend-ish.

  11. Scott E says:

    I’m a bit apprehensive to see Destroyer (they’re playing a date about three hours from me). Dan Bejar seems a bit aloof and like he could flake out on a performance–at least he seemed that way when I saw him the Carl, Neko and the rest of the NP gang. Anybody seen them live and care to comment?

  12. Scott says:

    Thanks, Frank – wasn’t sure (I was pretty sure it was you) – thanks!

  13. Ricardo Valencia says:

    ADELE has a single for free download on iTunes. it is their single of the week.

  14. Matt says:

    Duffy or Adele? How about Sharon Jones? Leaves them both in the shade.

  15. Tibi Puiu says:

    Just recently discovered Duffy myself and was pleasantly impressed with her soulful mixture of modern and retro. Guess revivalism is back in fashion.