Sunday, February 17th, 2008

CONTEST – Plants & Animals @ The Drake Underground – February 21, 2008

Plants & Animals come into 2008 with the weight of expectation on them what with being signed to a wunderkind new label – 100% of whose domestic roster has been nominated for Polaris Music PRize (and half of whom have won) – and garnering some breathless reviews for their live shows and their brief-yet-sprawling EP Avec/With. So with the release of their first full album Parc Avenue on February 26 in Canada and March 25 in the US, the Montreal trio hope to prove themselves worthy of the attention.

My reactions to the full-length are approximately what they were to the EP. The band is undeniably talented and are striving to create some perfect (or unholy) hybrid of pop, folk and jam rock but they haven’t reached the point where my appreciation for the former two styles can overrule my aversion to the third and as a result, listening to the record ends up something of a zero-sum experience though with repeated spins, it does seem to be listing towards the favourable side of things (barring a few songs). Time will tell. The Toronto Star has a feature profile on the band.

Plants & Animals are marking the release of the album with a show at the Drake Underground this Thursday night – February 21 – and courtesy of Secret City Records, I’ve got a pair of passes to give away to the show. Additionally, I’ve got two sets of CDs – one copy of Avec/With and one copy of Parc Avenue in each – to give away. Entry is as follows – if you want to go to the show, send me an email to contests AT with “I’m a herbivore” in the subject line and your full name in the body. If you want to CDs (Canada entrants only, please), send an email with the subject line of “I’m a carnivore” and your full mailing address in the body. Omnivores are disqualified. Contest closes at midnight, February 19.

MP3: Plants & Animals – “Faerie Dance”
MySpace: Plants & Animals

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  1. Optimuscrime Toronto says:

    Parc Avenue is gorgeous, gorgeous. I am addicated to it. It is magical.

  2. Susan says:

    Magical. Yeah, that.