Sunday, December 16th, 2007

CONTEST – Menomena Mobiles

So this’ll probably be the last giveaway of the year, and it’s a bit of a different one. Portland’s Menomena started the year with the release of their third critically-acclaimed album Friend And Foe and capped it off with one of those hallmarks of artistic achievement, a Grammy nomination.

Okay, the nomination wasn’t so much for the music as the packaging, which apparently featured “an intricate packaging layout consisting of Die-cut shapes, decoder rings, and hidden messages” (via) with artwork courtesy of Craig Thompson (ever read his Blankets? Emoest. Comic. Ever). I’ll have to take Wikipedia’s – and the Grammy committee’s – word for it as my copy of the album was artwork-less… Sounds impressive though.

And it’s this artwork that graces this giveaway. Courtesy of Outside Music, I’ve got three Menomena prize packs consisting of a copy of the album on CD – with Grammy nominated artwork – and a funky mobile (yes, mobile) featuring samples of the art. Grok here and here. What will you do with such a mobile? I have no idea. If I had one, it would drive my cat nuts. If you have a small child, perhaps you can hang it in their room or over their crib and hopefully inspire them to a life of interesting artistic endeavors. Or give them nightmares. Either way.

To enter, fire me an email to contests AT with “I want Menomenamemobile” in the subject line and your full mailing address in the body. Apologies, contest only open to Canadians and it closes at midnight, December 19 so as to hopefully have these suckers in the mail before the world shuts down for the holidays.

MP3: Menomena – “Wet And Rusting”
Video: Menomena – “Wet And Rusting”
Video: Menomena – “Rotten Hell”
Video: Menomena – “Evil Bee”
MySpace: Menomena

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