Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Deep Freeze

I have to thank the NME for helping me cover for my inability to get my New Pornographers review up today, as I’d originally intended but simply didn’t have the time to finish (or start). Because as it turns out, the “big Verve news” that they’ve been touting over the past week actually is newsworthy, as opposed to this non-item about a Smiths reunion (“Exclusive! Still Not Happening!”).

What they unveiled yesterday morning is “The Thaw Session” is a 14-minute excerpt from their first recording session and – shockingly – it sounds pretty damn good. As you’d expect from a 14-minute excerpt, it’s long, jammy and more than a little meandering but it sounds like The Verve – not solo Ashcroft – and even more than that, it sounds like early Verve. Obviously if this unnamed track makes it to a finished song it’ll be somewhat more concise, but there’s no denying there’s still some of the old chemistry present and any misgivings about the fruits of the reunion are, if not put to rest, somewhat allayed. Reports back from their first reunion gig at the start of November are now eagerly awaited.

Also announced last week was the news that Swervedriver were going to be coming out of mothballs next year for a world tour. The timing of this announcement was interesting as Adam Franklin is in the midst of a North American tour (stopping at the Drake Underground on Thursday) and while this certainly raises interest in what he’s doing, it kind of takes the steam out of any interest in his new solo record Bolts Of Melody. But for those who’ve been waiting a decade to see the Swervies live again – your last train to satansville has come in.

And I just want to say that as the reunions keep piling up, the fact that Ride isn’t getting back together just seems more conspicuous every day. They’d still have it if they did – check out the footage from their one-off reunion jam from a few years back. Electric.

MP3: Ride – “Coming Up For Air (Pt 7 of 8)”
Video: Ride – “Coming Up For Air” (RealVideo)

Magnet has an interview with Richard HawleyNorth American tour dates are trickling out and tickets for the December 5 show at the Horseshoe are available now.

Le Blogotheque has got a Takeaway Show with Malajbue, though if you want the proper experience you should read it en Francais. Malajube are at Lee’s Palace on November 3.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead return to town for a show at Lee’s Palace on November 20, tickets $20 on sale Thursday. Full dates at BrooklynVegan.

The Seattle Post Intelligencier, The Stranger and BeatRoute converse with Owen Pallett of Final Fantasy.

Wilco press clippings – Jeff Tweedy talks to the Pittsbugh Post-Gazette and John Stirratt to The Daily Progress.

The Lexington Herald-Leader talks to Jason Isbell about leaving the Drive-By Truckers, Patterson Hood doesn’t talk to the The Daily Iowan about Jason Isbell leaving.

Spoon speaks – Jim Eno to The Student Operated Press, Britt Daniel to The New York Daily News.

Drowned In Sound interviews Land Of Talk, who released their expanded Applause Cheer Boo Hiss in the UK yesterday. Maybe they’ll have some copies for sale here when they play the El Mocambo on Monday night.

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  1. torr says:

    I’m sooo not feeling that Verve track. But I guess that makes sense since I was never a big of early jammy stuff.

  2. Frank says:

    neither was I, really, but the fact that it sounds live the Verve, any era, and not unlike solo Ashcroft is what I find most promising. My greatest fear is that the new material would sound like coldplay.

  3. annie z says:

    i interviewed mark gardener a few weeks ago for a story, and he said he’d be into seeing a swervedriver reunion. wish granted. i think this was after i asked him about ride. he’s producing, and andy bell’s writing for oasis, so i’m not sure if it’ll ever happen. :-/

  4. Mike says:

    A few years ago, you stated some prediction about shoegaze being the next big genre coming back into vogue (a la garage rock revival, and dance punk, and everything else).

    Now we have talk of JAMC, Swervedriver, and the Verve all coming back, but we haven’t yet seen A Northern Chorus or Asobi Seksu become the next Arcade Fire.

    But at least you were partly right.

  5. Mike says:

    There’s talk of My Bloody Valentine returning too. Don’t forget them. But still no potential Arcade Fire/Coldplay-size up-and-comers in the new crop….Yet.

    All of these past shoegazer bands stand to do well amongst the cult-sized aging indie fanbases that remain in place for them (look at what a reunion did for the Pixies), but bring me the next big (and brand new) shoegaze band from our time.

    A Northern Chorus gets my vote.