Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

CONTEST – Eulogies @ The El Mocambo – October 29, 2007

Eulogies are a three piece from Los Angeles. Eulogies have just released their debut album, also called Eulogies. Some of the album kind of plods but there are some gems on there, including the leadoff track “One Man”. Worth digging through the chaff for the wheat, as they say. Eulogies are coming to town on Monday, October 29 with Film School and Land Of Talk and courtesy of Filter, I’ve got a pair of passes to the show and a copy of the CD to give away.

To enter, leave me a comment saying who you’d want to deliver your eulogy at your wake/funeral/execution. Include your correct email – spam-proofed if you wish – and have it in before midnight, October 24 (Wednesday night). Obviously I can’t make whomever you pick actually deliver your eulogy whenever your time comes but it’s good to think about these things in advance. And for the record, I pick Morgan Freeman. Cliche, sure, but you can’t deny it’d be classy.

MP3: Eulogies – “One Man”
MySpace: Eulogies

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  1. Scott Arnold says:

    I think I’d want a eulogy delivered by someone funny… someone who could make people lighten up a little… but not mock the proceedings. I think I’d have to have Radio Free Vestibule cut and paste Sir Lawrence Olivier (as they did for Diet Coke) – and have HIM deliver my eulogy… FROM BEYOND HIS OWN GRAVE!

    That’s just how classy I’d be…

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m thinking Richard Attenborough. He’s classy with the accent and all, but I’m thinking eulogy as nature show narration (now I have to think of a cool way to die at the paws/fangs/talons of some wild creature).

  3. bruce says:

    I just noticed this, so probably too late, but what the hell:

    For my eulogy I’d go with David Bowie (with or without Aladdin Sane makeup), because of my respect and admiration for him, and of course, the great voice. I mean, who wouldn’t want their life’s peroration spoken with the same gravitas as "Ground Control to Major Tom"?