Saturday, October 27th, 2007

CONTEST – The Go! Team Trick or Treat

Yes, it was a bit of a bummer when The Go! Team’s Hallowe’en party originally scheduled for October 31 at the Opera House got moved to an All Saints’ Day party on November 1 at the Phoenix, but it could be worse – it could be All Saints.

And anyways, if you’ve heard Proof Of Youth or seen the Go! Team live, you’d know that no matter where or when they play it’s going to be a rollicking good time – not unlike being trapped in the audio editing suite for an crossover episode of Hawaii 5-0 and Starsky & Hutch with the Kool-Aid Man, who just happens to have been spiked by Captain Morgan. And yes, that’s my idea of a rollicking good time.

So I’m pleased, courtesy of Against The Grain and Secret City Records, to be able to offer up this two-fisted Go! Team giveaway. On one hand, I’ve got two pairs of passes to the November 1 show at the Phoenix in Toronto, and in the other hand, I’ve got three copies of Proof Of Youth on vinyl, all to give away to five lucky peeps.

To enter, leave me a comment below declaring “Trick!” if you want to go the show or “Treat!” if you want the vinyl. Either or, not both. Gotta spread the love around. Also tell me your best ever Hallowe’en costume (or if you don’t celebrate Hallowe’en, something equally amusing and tangentially related and be sure to include a contact-able email address (spam-proofed if you like). Obviously, the concert giveaway is limited to Toronto-area residents but anyone in Canada can go for the vinyl. Contest closes at midnight, October 29.

Update: Just a reminder that the vinyl is only available to Canadians. I appreciate the enthusiasm from readers hailing from elsewhere – and feel free to share your stories if you like – but the prizing for this one is Canuck-only. Thanks.

And head over to The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff for some MP3s of the band’s recent appearance on KCRW, wherein they turn and early AM appearance on Morning Becomes Eclectic into a dance party. What’d I tell you? Update: You can also watch video of their performance at KCRW. Yay.

MP3: The Go! Team – “Grip Like A Vice”
Video: The Go! Team – “Grip Like A Vice” (YouTube)
Video: The Go! Team – “Doing It Right” (YouTube)
Video: The Go! Team – “Keys To The City” (YouTube)
MySpace: The Go! Team

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  1. Amit says:


    I’d love those tix.

    My best costume was Yasser Arafat (I like to go with something current and he had just passed away).

    I got a duffel jacket and some Ray Bans and reproduced his headscarf perfectly (which is what made him instantly recognizable), which by the way is shaped to look like the map of Palestine.

    I was awesome and when I was biking to my party everyone was yelling "Yo! Yasser !" and stuff.

  2. Danu says:


    Courtney Love after an abortion: smeared lipstick, tousled hair, white blouse, fake blood on the inner thighs.

  3. Chris says:


    My best costume was a dinosaur when I was like 6 years old. My grandma sewed it all together and it was all multicolors. It’s been down hill since then especially with last years "just a wig" get-up.

  4. Mark says:


    When I was 4 my mom made my sisters and me Care Bear costumes. I was the sleepy one, and my sister was whoever the pink one was.

  5. chrissy says:

    Blind Melon cancelled a 1993 Halloween show in our town. Being from Des Moines, IA we were really disappointed (why?!) and full of bile. To ease the pain, my friends and I dressed up as the BM video bee girl – complete with glasses, braids and tutus. I wouldn’t say they were the best costumes ever, but they were the best costumes in that bar that year. PS. Once, an overweight but lovable friend of mine dressed as Yassar Arafat and everyone kept saying, "Yes you are fat." I don’t know why I think that’s funny, but I do.

  6. Chuck says:


    Halloween costumes have sadly never been a big deal with me….last year I was Barney Rubble (with my girlfriend naturally being Betty). It was a pretty good costume, but my friend went as Rayden, and that obviously took the cake. Everyone downtown wanted to be his friend.

  7. Chuck says:

    (That above comment should have my name linked to my e-mail….my apologies.)

  8. Ginny says:


    Last year my friend and I were Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn. The year before, we were Lorena and John Bobbit. I thought both ideas were pretty fantastic.

  9. Joe says:


    A few years ago I had my head completely shaved, right to the scalp. I dyed my entire head/neck/hands blue, wore a blue shirt, white pants and attached a painted blue styrofoam hemisphere to my ass.

    That’s right–I was Blue Man Smurf.

  10. Lionel says:


    I don’t usually have a costume for Halloween because I am lazy I suppose. Anyway, this year I found a lazy costume: Got a cane and I am Dr. House.

    e m a i l i s l l i t t y a t g m a i l.

  11. matt says:


    I thought I was really clever one year and went as a Droog from The Clockwork Orange, clever that is till I walked into the bar and I was one of 4 Droogs. We all pretended we knew each other all night and acted as if we had all decided to be the gang.

  12. cailey says:

    My mom made me a catwoman costume when I was in kindergarten complete with an electrical tape/coat hanger tail. It was awesome. I awkwardly stared at a boy in my class dressed as batman.

  13. Ryan says:


    One year, I dressed as a pirate with a group of my friends. We of course had the obligatory run in with a group of ninjas. We pretended to be ready for some sort of faux fight but really just ended up some awkward insult jokes and kinda wander away.
    And speaking of pirates, I had one of the best Decemberists costume (fully dressed as a student of the Barger Rothery Academy) but had the misfortune of not being in Northhampton for their halloween show with costume contest.

  14. jeff macklin says:

    Treat please

    When we lived in Guelph, back in the late 80s,
    we went to an Ontarion (UofG Student Newspaper) halloweeen party at the Albion hotel.

    I was Calvin – from Calvin and Hobbes – the one where he was a
    taradacktyl and thought that he could fly. No one knew what the hell
    i was. DOH!

    Another time, i went as one of the contestants from the Barfarama scene from the movie
    Stand by Me. I has a suit on, and made a blend of grape jelly and crackers and mashed them all over my face and the front of the suit. It totally looked like barf, and my face was sticky for week.s

    jeff macklin
    peterborough, ontario

  15. Paul says:


    In Grade 3 I wanted to be a Martian, but I looked like a Gloworm.

  16. Thierry says:


    Last year: the cover of Born In The U.S.A.

    I had to carry a piece of red-and-white cardboard all night, but it was completely worth it!

  17. DW says:


    Huckleberry Finn.

  18. Jason says:


    Steve Zissou.

  19. david says:


    Last year I went as Borat- It enable me to say and do whatever i wanted, which was interesting.

    davidjhains at hotmail dot com

  20. Jackman Chiu says:


    Stormtrooper Zombie!

  21. Sarah Wolf says:


    Turned my DJ booth into Lucy’s psychiatry stand and dressed as, of course, Lucy (from Peanuts).

  22. carrie says:


  23. danieljosef says:


    I’m not one for dressing up, but the best costumer I’ve seen in a while was a friend dressed as a "Crazy Cat Lady"…stuffed cats all over her, peeking out from under her old lady nightgown. Pure genius.

  24. ryan says:


    Best costume – that would have to be the year I went as Magnum P.I. (not ironically btw – always a HUGE fan) – complete with real and very accurate (if I do say so myself) mustache!

    Hey, sometimes you just have bite the bullet and suffer a little – well, at least for two or three weeks – for Halloween, right?

    Next year, Derek Smalls!

  25. Jonathon says:


    I was once Jambi the geenie from Pee Wee’s Playhouse. My cousins went as Pee Wee and Cowboy Curtis and we made up a word of the day for the party we went to and would scream whenever someone said it.

    This year I’m wearing a sheet with a black line under one eye and going as the ghost of Lisa "Left-eye" Lopez. Too soon?