Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Sunday Cleaning – Volume 77

Arthur & Yu / In Camera (Hardly Art)

Named for the childhood nicknames of the two principals, Arthur & Yu – Grant Olsen and Sonya Westcott – have crafted a soundtrack for the lazy days of Summer, in particular a Summer from forty years ago. In Camera offers up languid and dreamy songs that sound like they were just freed from a reverb chamber doubling as a time capsule, found the nearest meadow and lay down in the grass to stare at the clouds. There’s echoes of all sorts of pertinent adjectives – folk, country, orch, girl-group – but if you dispensed with them all and simply called it pop, you wouldn’t be wrong.

Arthur & Yu open up for Iron & Wine at the Danforth Music Hall this Tuesday.

MP3: Arthur & Yu – “There Are Too Many Birds”
MP3: Arthur & Yu – “Come To View (Song For Neil Young)”

OFFICE / A Night At The Ritz (New Line)

If you happened to stop reading the name of this band after the first two letters and went straight to the MP3s, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were listening to some new material from Of Montreal. But no, instead it’s Chicago’s OFFICE (all caps, no definite article). Fronted by Scott Masson, who sounds like a croonier, more urbane and slightly sleazier Kevin Barnes, the five-piece co-ed outfit produce upbeat glam-pop with a sleek, metropolitan sheen that sounds like neon striping, overpriced drinks and not bothering to go home and change out of the work clothes. If that sounds like a good time, welcome to your soundtrack.

A Nght At The Ritz is out on Tuesday, the band are at the El Mocambo October 5 with Earlimart and the season premiere of The Office is this Thursday, September 27, at 9PM EDT.

MP3: OFFICE – “The Ritz”
MP3: OFFICE – “The Big Bang Bump”
Video: OFFICE – “Oh My” (YouTube)
Stream: OFFICE / A Night At The Ritz

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