Saturday, May 12th, 2007

Holiday Road (Part Deux)

I’ve alluded to the fact that I’m going to be MIA for a couple weeks at the end of this month over the last little while, and that’s because I’m going on vacation. Heading over to the old country next Friday for a fortnight with the parentals for a whirlwind of PG-rated fun in the chewy centre of Europe – locales that will be visited include Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and maybe even a little Lichtenstein. It’s a bus tour dealie so there’ll be no backpacking/hosteling action, just watching lots of countryside whiz by as we hop from one photo op to the next. But it should be fun and more importantly, it’s getting me the hell away from here.

For you see, this will be the first extended blog hiatus I’ll have taken in almost five years. Since ending my enforced post-a-day regimen, I haven’t really taken advantage of the theoretical freedom that was supposed to allow. Now I will, and I really think it will do me – and this site – a world of good to get away and recharge the batteries a bit. Unless I discover that life in the cobblestone streets of Prague, blog-free, is more fun than hanging out in the Horseshoe every other night… but I can’t see how that’s possible.

ANYWAY, point is – I shall be absent in real-time for a while. I will have my laptop with me, but that’s mainly for saving down photos and watching The Wire on the bus. If I find an open wifi point, I may check in but more likely just wade through my mail or upload pics to my Flickr. No daily travelogues like the last time I was abroad in Fall 2005. Thanks to the marvels of modern science, however, there will be some automated updates while I’m away. Nothing heavy, just random bits of this and that so that the cobwebs don’t set in.

But that’s not till next week. And naturally, as I scramble to get myself organized for the trip, it’s also a mighty busy time in in terms of blog fodder, so come along while I indulge in a little link clearing in a roots-rock vein.

My Morning Jacket tell Billboard they’ve got something special planned for their set at Lollapalooza this year, namely a Marvel Team-Up with the Chicago Youth Symphony. MMJ were on of the highlights of Lolla last year, but it looks like they’re going to try and top that this year. Here’s hoping some orchestral types in Austin get in touch with the band for ACL.

Patterson Hood tells The Aspen Times the story of the Drive-By Truckers.

The AV Club talks to M Ward, who was in town last night at Massey Hall opening for Norah Jones.

Check out this minisite for Shearwater’s Palo Santo, comparing the original demos with the final versions of the songs they re-recorded for the album’s re-release as well as commentary from the band on the evolution of the songs.

Jay Farrar of Son Volt chats with The Free-Lance Post.

The Chicago Tribune and The Times talk to Jeff Tweedy in advance of the release of Wilco’s Sky Blue Sky on Tuesday.

Maria Taylor is featured in this week’s Spinner Interface.

Craig Finn of The Hold Steady tells The Guardian how rock’n’roll turned him from a 98-pound weakling into the hero of the beach. Metaphorically speaking. He also talks to The Portland Mercury about the band’s ties to baseball and guitarist Tad Kubler chats with the Detroit Free Press.

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  1. Sueno says:

    my goodness, m. ward interviews take me to ZzzzZzztown.

  2. Beth says:

    Aww, you are going to my very favourite part of the world. My envy is boundless. This might give you some excitement + inspiration (it’s my little photo/travelogue from our trip to the same regions last fall: http://www.rockpaperpixels…. )

    Was nice to see you at Patrick Wolf, your photos are great. I was half cursing myself for moving to the other side, because you guys got all the face-time over there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    – beth