Thursday, March 22nd, 2007


Courtesy of the good folks at Beggars, an exclusive sneak peek at not only another track from The National’s new album Boxer but also the A Skin, A Night documentary film being assembled by unofficial band videographer Vincent Moon.

And it’s also my first YouTube embed, but that’s probably not so interesting to you. But this should be – the first official MP3:

MP3: The National – “Fake Empire”

If this doesn’t get you excited for the new album, you’re dead. The record is out May 22 and they’re at the Opera House on June 5 with Shapes & Sizes.

By : Frank Yang at 7:24 pm
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  1. maria says:

    this is going to be fantastic!

  2. Garrincha says:

    You should also check out the take-away shows, shot in southern France :

  3. matt says:

    okay, i’m going crazy with the anticipation. i need the leak. i know its out there.

  4. thomas says:

    fake empire is amazing! the body of the song is moving, classic national and then it explodes into a brass fanfare. i bet it leaks very soon. journalists must have it already.