Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Time Fades Away

The Globe & Mail reveals that a little more of Neil Young’s archives are coming to light in the next couple months. Though still not the capital-A Archives, he will follow up the release of last year’s Live at the Fillmore East with an audio document of two shows in Toronto some 36 years ago. Touring solo in support of Journey Through The Past, Young played two sold-out shows at Massey Hall on the evening of January 19, 1971 in what would become a legendary and oft-bootlegged concert (under the name Going Back To Canada). It’s sort of a staple of bit torrent sites and live show blog and while I’ve never actually heard it, I don’t doubt it’s worth hearing. There’s no formal title yet (Live At Massey Hall might be a safe bet though) but the article says that the set, possibly with accompanying DVD, is slated for release in March. Update: Billboard to the rescue – Live At Massey Hall will be out March 13 and the 8-CD and 2-DVD Archives Volume 1 will be out this Fall.

Also just seeing the light of day are the two tracks recorded by Young’s old outfit The Mynah Birds, famous for bringing together Young and the once and future Superfreak Rick James. The band recorded an album’s worth of material for Motown but all but one 7″ single were shelved when James was arrested for deserting the US Navy and for the most part, that era in Young’s career has gone unheard. The two tracks have finally seen the light of day, however, as part of the limited edition Complete Motown Singles box sets – Volume 6, disc 29 to be precise (though I’ve also heard that Young has bought the tracks from Motown for inclusion in his Archives release). The two songs – “It’s My Time” and “Go On And Cry” are really both excellent, the former a classically upbeat Motown pop number and the latter a slow, soulful ballad. It really makes you wonder what might have happened if James had been able to stick around? The seven-year deal they’d signed with Motown certainly showed the label had faith in them.

I’ve actually got MP3s of both Mynah Bird tracks but am reluctant to post them because, well, I obviously don’t have permission and I suspect that they’re the sort of thing that might attract the attention of a much higher-paid class of lawyer than a typical uncleared MP3 normally would. Which is a shame, because currently the only way to hear the songs otherwise is via a $100 box set or by waiting for Neil Young to finally release his own oft-delayed expansive (and expensive) box set. Or if you’re American you can access it via Rhapsody, however that works.

Sparklehorse’s Mark Linkous tells The AV Club that “I hate live performances so much” because “I hate the sound of my own voice”. Which obviously bodes well for their show at the Mod Club on February 23.

AOL’s Spinner 3×3 features three live videos of Neko Case taken from her just-released Austin City Limits CD and DVD.

How’s this for an eclectic bill? Portland’s Menomena, Sunderland UK’s Field Music and Montreal’s Land Of Talk, all at the El Mocambo on March 23. Menomena release Friend And Foe on January 23, Field Music’s Tones Of Town is out February 20 in North America and Land Of Talk will give Applause Cheer Boo Hiss an official US release on March 20.

Say Hi To Your Mom are at Sneaky Dee’s on April 3.

Drowned In Sound has a twopart interview with James Mercer of The Shins. Wincing The Night Away is out next Tuesday.

The Star-Ledger salutes the poster boys of keeping the rock’n’roll dream alive, The Wrens.

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  1. John the cover guy says:

    Frank how about posting a 30 second clip?

  2. Steve says:

    I just watched the DVD footage. there are four songs performed live that night at Massey Hall plus a bunch of archival footage of neil around his farm. pretty cool stuff

  3. ned says:

    my copy of the complete motown singles v.6 finally arrived today… the mynah birds stuff is definitely intriguing, although they fall into the "this came out on motown?!" category. i’ll be playing a track on my radio show next week (<a href="…">click here</a> after january 22nd) for folks that want to hear it.

    there’s a quote from neil young in the liner notes from a 1984 interview – "we went in and recorded five or six nights, and if we needed something, or if they thought we just weren’t strong enough, a couple of motown singers would just walk right in and they’d <i>motown</i> us. if someone wasn’t confident or didn’t have it, they didn’t say ‘well, let’s work on this.’ some guy would just come in who had it… and an amazing thing happened – we sounded hot."

  4. Todd says:

    hi Frank,
    How about sending me those 2 Mynah bird tracks from the Motown box set? I would greatly appreciate it as i have been looking for them…if you need a trade or something i have 5 other studio demos of the mynah birds to offer which have never been officially released…hope u will consider this request and get back to me soon…
    best regards,