Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

Kids On Psych Drugs

What’s that you say? You like that dense, beautifully chiming instrumental post-rock sound but you’re a busy person and don’t necessarily have the time for epic-length songs? Well fear not, for I present to you Ottawa’s rather unfortunately-named My Dad Vs Yours. This five-piece outfit craft beautifully dense and melodic instrumental pieces in pop-sized pieces that somehow still sound fully-realized. Their interest in the song rather than orchestral dynamics, visceral impact or sheer sonic terrorism (though those are all there in appropriate amounts) set them apart from a lot of other bands who don’t need no stinking singer. There’s a place in this world for the Mogwais, the Godspeeds and the Explosions In The Skies and there’s definitely a place for My Dad Vs Yours.

Here are a couple tracks from their debut Winning Hearts & Minds EP – pretty, but kind of restrained and a bit the sound of a band feeling itself out. It looks like the whole of the EP is available to hear on New Music Canada. You can also watch a Hearts & Minds-era television session they did for CBC’s ZedTV. But in addition to these, be sure to click through to their MySpace page and check out the two tracks from their new full-length, After Winter Must Come Spring. They’re superb. The album is due to come out this week and the band are currently travelling all around Southern Ontario to get the word out. Tonght they play Pitter Patter Nights at The Session on Queen W in Toronto, admission free. Free!

MP3: My Dad Vs Yours – “Law Of Unintended Consquences”
MP3: My Dad Vs Yours – “Sea Song”
MP3: My Dad Vs Yours – “Canyons (grand or otherwise)”

Update: Okay, linking those files no workie. Go here. The one MP3 that is available isn’t the most representative, so do yourself a favour and check out the other tracks.

Ted Leo tells Billboard that he’s “not very far along” on his new album , but still hopes to have it out by year’s end.

Stylus wonders why albums these days sound so bad, audiologically speaking, and makes a very valid point in saying “Keane should NOT be twice as loud as Nirvana”.

A nice concentrated dose of local buzz will be hitting the Drake on May 20 with Tokyo Police Club, The Coast and The Ghost Is Dancing. Tickets are just $5 and available in advance at Rotate and Soundscapes. New York City’s Levy are in town at the Drake on June 17 and looking WAY ahead, it appears that Clinic will be at Lee’s Palace on October 6.

The Washington Post profiles a little tastemaking website called Pitchfork, and a little tastemaking website talks to Calexico’s John Convertino about their upcoming tour which includes a stop at the Phoenix on July 6 with Jason Collett as support.

24: One of the stewardesses should have told Jack it’s not safe to use cellphones on planes. They can interfere with navigational systems. They seem to be doing whatever they can to fill time now, witness the Chloe with taser gags. May as well be a rimshot in the soundtrack. I’m definitely counting down the hours, as much to get my Monday nights back as anything else. You know what would have made this episode better? If there was a crate full of snakes on the plane.

np – Shearwater / Palo Santo

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  1. Larry says:

    Snakes? I hate snakes…

  2. Glenn says:

    albums sound bad because the levels keep going up. way up. just too loud.

    more fuel on the fire: pro tools and cheap computers allow every tom, dick and harry to record a crappy sounding album. indie records especially tend to sound pretty horrible these days. worked for gbv, doesn’t work for most.

  3. sam says:

    come on, Frank. you’re just groggy, man. i just finished the episode and thought it was awesome. written by creators Michael Loceff and Joel Surnow. taking Chloe out of CTU (loved the tazer gun) and making Jack take over a plane gave the series new life.

  4. Frank says:

    mm, no, I’m not groggy. I’m not finding the last quarter of this season all that engrossing. I could care less about the First Lady and the President, while on paper should be a compelling big bad, is still more simpering than sinister and late-season introduction of the Bluetooth Illuminati as the REAL masterminds of all this is kind of lame.

  5. TS says:

    Oh – I agree with Sam. I’m loving this season of 24…less blow’em’upness in the last bit, more squirmy psych-out VPN secure line stuff. Chloe and the taser is probably the best thing i’ve seen on TV in a while. And the squirmy Blue Tooth guy – if all else fails, just hearken back to when he was some geeky little guy singing in the movie ‘Fame’. It was nice to get a break from the Hellers….

  6. duce says:

    The taser was a cheap gag…

  7. thomaus says:

    How about Gay Dad? or Cordelia’s Dad? Of course it’s not as good as Grandaddy. But it Googles better than Boy.

  8. matthew says:

    I’m giving away a few copies of the My Dad album on my site this week…I’d resisted listening to them for awhile, thinking they’d be emo because of their name, but they’re really not emo at all. Good stuff!

  9. Frank says:

    agreed on the taser. They gave Chloe a machine gun last season, a taser this season – the producers are using her as comic relief, and while the Chloe-boosters eat it up I find it kinda contrived and lame.

  10. sam says:

    the machine gun wasn’t funny – it was courageous and rewarding as hell!