Monday, May 1st, 2006

In Anticipation Of Your Suicide

Most bands go out of their way to avoid having their sound labeled, but it takes a certain kind of sassy band to make up their own genre. Los Angeles’ Bedroom Walls have that requisite sass, producing a shimmering sort of narcolepsy rock they call “Romanticore”. If that word brings to mind certain album by a certain dearly departed rock band, well it’s appropriate. Adam Goldman has a similarly pinched and slightly distracted sing-songy voice to Mr Wareham and their music is orchestrally lush, sleepy, and shiny and playfully sad.

They were on my short list for SxSW this year after them completely missing my radar last year, but circumstances beyond my control – namely my inability to be two places at once – forced me to miss them a second year running. Maybe 2007 will be the charm. Garage Radio talked music and Billy Joel with Adam Goldman earlier this year. Their second album All Good Dreamers Pass This Way will be out May 23 on Baria. You can hear some demo versions of songs from the new album on MySpace or on their website or sample a couple of finished tracks from their first album, I Saw You Coming Back To Me, below.

And apparently I already reviewed them last year. I totally forgot.

MP3: Bedroom Walls – “Winter, That’s All”
MP3: Bedroom Walls – “Do The Buildings And Cops Make You Smile?”

Full Of Wishes has posted the final part in their Luna interviews, concluding with Tell Me Do You Miss Me director Matthew Buzzell. The documentary premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on Friday and will be out on DVD June 20.

Grok the video for The New Pornographers’ “Sing Me Spanish Techo” over at iFilm. Via For The Records.

The Tufts Daily reports on Mission Of Burma’s Clint Conley’s visit to a “History of Punk Rock” class at Tufts University.

The Wrens tell Billboard that they’ll be reissuing the Abbott 1135 EP this Fall and working on a new album hopefully to see release before year’s end. In other words, pretty much the same thing they’ve been saying for at least a couple years now…

Musictap says the new Radiohead album will be out July 18. Of course, they also say that it’ll be called My Iron Lung, which implies their information may be about 12 years old… Update: But this is definitely up to date – Radiohead at Hummingbird Centre, June 7 and 8. Tickets $71.65, on sale May 6. Yes, in fact, they did make that price up out of thin air. No, this is not a NxNE gig and I’m sure the festival organizers are thrilled about this show stealing all of their thunder. Update 2: More Cowbell has more complete Radiohead tour info and a denial that there will be any new album in 2006. It’s funny that this is getting people all excited, I haven’t been able to bring myself to care about Radiohead in some years, despite the fact that they were once my favourite band on the planet. Why? I told you why.

Popmatters ponders Billy Bragg’s Volume 1 box set, inside and out.

<irony>The Guardian profiles agitator, non-patriot and anti-American Neil Young. His seditious new record Living With War is out May 9. Buy as many copies as you can so you can burn them and send a message to this CANADIAN who hates America just go home to Canuckistan. As always, Fox News offers a fair and balanced counterpoint.</irony>

np – Yo La Tengo / Prisoners Of Love

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  1. Karl says:

    "Neil Young’s new album, ‘Living with War,’ is an incendiary, moving, totally American document of peaceful protest that is going to make a lot of people crazy one way or another."

    — Roger Friedman, Fox News

  2. Frank says:

    so wait, one Fox News story is anti-Neil, the other is pro-? That… that’s almost like… BALANCE.

    My head just exploded.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    apocalpyse impending!!!!!

  4. Jeff says:

    Talk about coincidences! Do you realize that two members of Bedroom Walls are Tufts alums?

  5. Jason Carlin says:

    $71.25 for Radiohead?! Crap, better off spending that on 2 or 3 other shows and make the trip when they play a festival like Bonnaroo.