Saturday, April 8th, 2006

The Undivided Self

Remember how I resolved that I wouldn’t do any more Sufjan Stevens posts for 2006 unless he, oh, put out a new album? Well yay Sufjan. The Avalanche will be a companion piece to last year’s New Pantheon-winning Illinois, comprising outtakes, unreleased and alternate versions of his ode to the Lincoln state and be out July 25. More info at Asthmatic Kitty. The title comes from the bonus track that appeared on the vinyl edition of Illinois, which keener completists went out and bought to go with the Superman and non-Superman editions of the CD. Well, at least you still have that limited-edition balloon sticker… what’s that, you peeled it off? Well then I guess you have NOTHING.

Oh, and Sufjan swears he didn’t knock up Rosie Thomas, except in perhaps the musical sense. If there is one.

Indieinterviews has run a week-long series of interviews with singer Lenka of Australia’s Decoder Ring, who rather impressed at SxSW last month. I also got a copy of their Fractions, which plays very much like a film soundtrack – it has ebbs and tides with a variety of sounds and styles, but with a consistent sort of feel. And the bookending tracks (opening and closing credits?) are sublime.

This year’s Over The Top Fest has found the perfect way to cap off a terrific slate of shows – Saturday Looks Good To Me will headline a matinee BBQ show at the Drake Hotel on May 7 with Everyone’s In Love & The Flowers Pick Themselves and more acts to be announced. Pitchfork reports that SLGTM’s Sound On Sound rarities comp will be out on Tuesday, which is interesting since I ordered my copy well over a month ago and have been enjoying it since.

Billboard reports that when Radiohead roll into town this Summer, likely in June, they’ll be making themselves comfortable with a multi-night stand. This does not mean a week-long residence at Lee’s Palace, but more likely a couple nights at the Molson Amphitheatre. Their in-progress new album will apparently be “terrifying”.

Feist promises more guitars on her new album, which is now looking like an early 2007 release. At least there’s the Open Season rarities comp due out next week to keep the masses mollified. She’s also on the Olympic Island festival bill for June 25. Sign On San Diego also has an interview.

The Winnipeg Sun talks to Metric’s James “Jimmy” Shaw.

Dirty On Purpose’s debut full-length Hallelujah Sirens has been given a release date of June 6. Ask for it by name!

Matthew Sweet’s seminal Girlfriend will be getting the deluxe Legacy Recordings treatment on June 13. You know, the mylar slipcase, the fancy remastering, extensive liner notes, second disc of bonus material. In this case, the second disc will be the Goodfriend recordings which were available as a promo/fan club release way back in 1992. It consists of demos, live recordings and general goodness from the high point of Sweet’s career. His album of covers with good friend but not girlfriend Susanna Hoffs, Under The Covers, Vol 1, is out April 18.

The Fourth Rail offers a very thoughtful and thorough comparison of V For Vendetta, the graphic novel and the film.

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  1. Ryan Mercer says:

    I predict Radiohead will play two nights at the Hummingbird Center…Michael Stipe and Morrissey will have casually mentioned to Thom at one of their wine and vegan cheese parties that the Hummingbird’s sound system is "truly pristine", and Thom will want to find out for himself.

  2. Sean says:

    If you’re loving "Fractions" you should check out "Somersault" which came out in 2004 I believe. It has a similar to "Fractions" and actually is a soundtrack.