Friday, April 7th, 2006

Talking Like Turnstiles

Tripwire happily goes off on a phone-cam toting Death Cab For Cutie fan who took a video of himself crashing the stage during a live show, and while it is pretty damned funny, Tripwire’s indignation might be a little misguided. From the sounds of this Philadelphia Daily News piece, it sounds like it’s the contribution to the band’s Directions DVD for “Talking Like Turnstiles”. Which makes sense, because it seems just a little too staged to be real – the fact that the security guard didn’t break the guys face into many little pieces is the first hint. The band is premiering a new cut from Directions on their website every week, but I’ve no idea if this one has officially aired yet. And as a postscript, Drowned In Sound has an interview with the band.

In more conventional video news, The Radio Dept have completed a video for their recent “The Worst Taste In Music” single. The new album, Pet Grief, is out next week.

Video: The Radio Dept – “The Worst Taste In Music” (ASF)

Head Full Of Wishes has the first of a series of interviews with the former members of Luna about the forthcoming documentary Tell Me Do You Miss Me, starting with bassist Britta Phillips. Andy also has a look at the artwork for the DVD of the doc, due out in June.

The AV Club talks to Emily Haines of Metric.

The Winnipeg Sun discusses bluegrass with Sarah Harmer in the context of her current album, I’m A Mountain.

One of the nice things about The Big Takeover’s expanded online format is that you don’t have to wait six months for new content in the print edition. Case in point – their two part interview with Stevie Jackson of Belle & Sebastian, already up for all to see.

My Morning Jacket talks to Pitchfork about southern rock and Z a year later.

PopMatters talks to Mark Kozelek.

The Subways will be back at The Guvernment on May 16. Ironically, this is a venue that is not accessible by subway.

No Yeti Dance has MP3s of Voxtrot’s recent radio set for KEXP. They’re in town with Irving at Sneaky Dee’s next Thursday. What better way to ring in the Easter weekend? Via Brooklynvegan.

The Pitch celebrates Centro-Matic.

Newsday and profile Neko Case.

np – Centro-Matic / Fort Recovery

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  1. Torr says:

    "Z" a year later? Not in the same league as the rest of their stuff.

  2. Satisfied 75 says:

    i had no idea Will Johnson was from Missouri? Not Tx?

  3. modernmod says:

    "The Subways will be back at The Guvernment on May 16. Ironically, this is a venue that is not accessible by subway."

    Hahaha! Thats hilarious.

  4. Dave says:

    Everyone should celebrate Centro-matic.