Thursday, December 8th, 2005

Watching The Wheels

I didn’t know who John Lennon was when he was murdered 25 years ago today. I was five years old, and only had a very vague idea of who the Beatles were. What I do remember is that after hearing Lennon was shot, and then Ronald Reagan barely three months later, and Pope John Paul II shortly after that, I got the impression that it must suck to be a public figure because people were constantly trying to kill them (and unfortunately, occasionally succeeding). It still sort of surprises me that there aren’t more attempts made on famous peoples’ lives. I’m not complaining, mind you, but I was conditioned at a young and impressionable age to think that these things happened every couple months.

What’s this got to do with anything? Very little. But like every other news service and blog in the cosmos, I do feel compelled to offer some tribute to the man on this day. So there it is. As far as genuinely interesting news goes, you can hear that Rolling Stone interview that everyone’s been going on about at the BBC and Billboard has a piece about the Amnesty International tribute project that’s coming together (right now). And Popmatters has a couple pieces.

Me, I’ve always been a George guy. But John was good too. And Ringo? Underrated.

March 7 is looking like it’s going to be an expensive day for me. On that day alone, you’ve got new releases from Neko Case, Mogwai and Mojave 3… and now you can add Centro-Matic’s Fort Recovery to the calendar. And these are all must-have-day-of-release records for me. CM will also be releasing a teaser EP on February 7 called Triggers and Trash Heaps. The early part of 2006 definitely brings a bumper crop of great new releases and that’s good, because the influx of new music will make up for my missing SxSW the following week – yeah, I did the math and I just can’t swing the dollars this year. We’ll see about ’07.

And that also means I can perhaps go and see The Wedding Present at Lee’s Palace again on March 10. There may not be the, “oh my god they’re back” tingle of their show back in April, but reunion giddiness aside they still put on a great show and Take Fountain a great record. Tickets for that one are $16, on sale now.

NOW talks to The Mendoza Line, who are in town next Wednesday at the Rivoli with Great Lake Swimmers and Picastro. It’s a great line, but Mendoza Line are on first so if you’re going, go early – don’t miss ’em.

Chart gets Sam Beam to reflect on the year in Iron & Wine. NOW talks to tourmate Joey Burns of Calexico.

I thought I wouldn’t really be interested, but the new Supergrass album is really pretty good. I guess I prefer their more “mature” sound, meaning I’m an old git. Spin has a Q&A with the band.

Pitchfork reveals the New Pantheon award nominees. Well. That’s one hell of a long list. Anyone who released an album in ’05 and ISN’T a nominee must be feeling pretty low right now.

Thanks to Graig for the tip-off that the complete first season of Justice League is is coming to DVD on March 21. Oh, happy day.

np – Belle & Sebatian / If You’re Feeling Sinister (Live)

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  1. death to cd-s says:

    George is the unsung hero of the Beatles.

  2. karen says:

    i fell in love with my guy (initially) because he’s a George guy!

    beware of darkness.

  3. Justin says:

    frank, lately when i go to read your page, the ads on the right hand side of your page are covering a small portion of your daily writings. when i came to comment, nothing is wrong and it is not blocking. just wondering if you know a possible reason this may be happening. anyways, i enjoy reading your page when i get a chance to, take it easy and keep it up the great work.

  4. Frank says:

    hey justin

    yeah, I’ve seen that before. it’s an IE thing and I use Firefox, so I don’t notice when it happens. I’ll try to sort that out… something is pushing my middle section wider than the space allotted. Why? I do not know. It appears to be something in Yesterday’s post, but I don’t know what yet. Will sort it out tonight.

  5. plumb dumb says:

    Thanks for posting about the Wedding Present at Lees Palace. I just bought my tickets.