Tuesday, September 27th, 2005

Glass Ceiling

It’s a Metric kinda day. Their new album Live It Out is in stores today and tomorrow night they play the first of two sold out shows in Toronto at the Phoenix. Cliptip has a link to the video for the first single, “Monster Hospital”, which you can also hear on their Myspace page along with another Live It Out track, “The Police And The Private”. They’re the only bits of the new album I’ve heard, but the production seems to be rawer than the synth-slick sound of Old World Underground – I approve.

Metric are also getting the full-court media press here in Toronto – both weeklies, NOW and eye, ran pieces on the band in this week’s issues and the dailies are getting into it as well – The Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and The Toronto Sun all have interviews. Only The National Post refuses to give Metric any love.

Somewhat surprisngly, not too many interesting shows were announced in my absence. I mean there’s been stuff, but nothing that I particularly want to see… here’s the rundown:

The Organ @ Revival, October 15 ($12)

Super Furry Animals, Caribou @ The Phoenix, November 2

Ben Lee @ The El Mocambo, November 6 ($13.50)

The Shout Out Louds, The Essex Green @ The Mod Club, November 7 ($13.50)

Kathleen Edwards, Joel Plaskett @ The Phoenix, November 10 ($18.50)

Belle Orchestre @ The Music Gallery, November 11 (two shows) ($12)

LCD Soundsystem, The Juan Maclean @ The Carlu, November 18

The Magic Numbers @ Lee’s Palace, December 1 ($13.50)

The Dandy Warhols @ The Opera House, December 3 ($25)

Also, the Jens Lekman/Nedelle show at the Music Gallery on November 5 appears to be back on? And some ticket prices announced – My Morning Jacket at the Guvernment on October 19 is $26.75, more than I expected, and Echo & The Bunnymen at the Carlu on November 23 is $27.50, less than I expected. Maybe I’ll flip the two shows…?

Paste talks to Sam Beam of Iron & Wine about In The Reins, his collaboration with Calexico. I’m still waiting on those November east coast tour dates…

Because everyone loves a list – CMJ tallies up their 25 most influential bands of the last 25 years, while Banana Nutrament is running an indie rock beauty pageant. I voted for Feist, but between you and me and the other 1500 people who visit daily, none of the contestants really does it for me…

Newsarama transcribes a round table interview with Neil Gaiman about Mirrormask, which opens in limited release on Friday.

Salon awards their annual “Buffy” award for most underappreciated television show to… Veronica Mars! Take a bow, Veronica.

Photos! I’ve got pics from the first half of my trip – through St Petersburg – up at Flickr. I have’t gone in and added tags yet because I not-so-intelligently tossed out all my tourist maps of the cities and thus can’t so easily refer back to where I’ve been. I know I can gather all that info up on the web, it’s just that much more trouble. But I’ll get to it. And I added one of those neat Flickr banner things, which I like but am not sure if that’s the best place for it. I may move it around.

np – Sigur Ros / Takk

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  1. matthew says:

    ewww…4o people have voted for smoosh in that indie rock girl poll. that’s really…pedophilic…

  2. Frank says:

    …well maybe the voters have all been teens themselves so it’s not so gross? But nominating her in the first place, that’s not right. No sir. She’s what, 14?

  3. Jacksonville City Nights says:

    Ryan Adams and his band the Cardinals create some beautiful

    honky tonk on their new album. It’s pretty much a straight foward

    old school type country album. Jacksonville City Nights isn’t great,

    but still it’s a solid effort from the best songwriter since Westerberg.

    It’s out today you all.

  4. Gary Campbell says:

    Ah boo! There should be some rule about bands with similar followings not being allowed to play on the same night. This October alone we have Antony & The Johnsons the same night as Architecture in Helsinki, and now The Organ playing the same night as Death Cab.

  5. suckingalemon says:

    hidden cameras are playing a bunch of shows in the next few months.

    and i read somewhere the phonemes are opening for jens?


  6. Frank says:

    Nedelle is touring with Jens Lekman, but it’s entirely possible she won’t cross the border.

    I will probably go to one of those Hidden Camera shows with the Toronto Dance Theatre.

  7. suckingalemon says:

    they are also playing friday at lees.

    that’s so close.



  8. nicole says:

    holy. that metric video was sweeet. Thanks for posting that link!

  9. toni says:

    i couldn’t find the metric album in stores. i was told it was delayed a week.

  10. travis says:

    lcd soundsystem put on a great show last time they came through town.

  11. mike jones says:

    you canNOT pass up that super furry/caribou show!

  12. TERRI says: