Tuesday, June 14th, 2005

Rollin' Back

My Morning Jacket have named their new album Z and will release it unto the world on September 20. Billboard finds out how the addition of two new members since they made It Still Moves has changed the dynamic of the band.

Check out the splash page on their website – best ever, though that score is simply unacceptable. What chimp did they have playing for Canada?!? They also save me all the trouble of finding recent press on the band – check out recent interviews in The College Tower, Flagpole, Harp and The UWM Post.

Seeing My Morning Jacket live two years ago was one of the finer rock experiences of recent years. I’ve missed a few more of their shows since, including their upcoming Buffalo date with Wilco on June 28, but will try to catch them this Fall when they begin touring Z. But until then, there’s their page at Archive.org to hold me over.

Junkmedia tries to pad a brief interview with Spoon’s Britt Daniel. The Cleveland Plains-Dealer also has a quick chat with the Spoonman.

Rilo Kiley were not thrilled with the setting of their video for “Portions For Foxes”. But Blake Sennett says they’re more chuffed about getting their meals catered whilst on tour with Coldplay later this Summer.

Volume 7 of Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series will be coming out on August 16. This one is reported to be a companion piece to No Direction Home, the anthology documentary film on Dylan by Martin Scorcese and will present rare and unreleased material from 1961 to 1966.

To everyone who advised me not to try and take part in this Toronto Star article on indie-yuppies, I thank you. Not that I likely would have been included, since I don’t watch The OC, drink Starbucks or have an iPod. In fact, based on the profiles presented in the article, I don’t think I’d like indie-yuppies very much. Unless they’re hot, in which case exceptions can of course be made.

Toronto’s Three Gut Records will be taking down their shingle after releasing The Constantines’ Tournament Of Hearts this August. That’s sad news – as Zoilus points out in his little eulogy for the label, Three Gut was a trailblazer in ushering in the current golden age of indie rock in Toronto. Perhaps this is a case of “our work here is done, we’re needed elsewhere”, but either way – Three Gut Records? I salute you.

Here are my Ivy pics from Sunday night. The lighting was pretty awful, hence their conversion to arty black-and-white images.

np – Built To Spill / Perfect From Now On

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  1. suckingalemon says:

    i second that threegut salute.

    i just got up and have thus not read that star article yet and now im afraid too, if that is their definition, they must have questioned a very small group of people who were all wearing chucks at a starbucks one day.


  2. Jimmy Jazz says:

    most of the people they interviewed for the star article sound like a bunch of poseurs to me. just following the herd to whatever is ‘cool’ that week.

    what does starbucks have to do with music?

  3. lucaswiththelidoff says:

    One more comment: These so called ‘Indie-Yuppies’ are probably the same people at the shows that won’t shut up when the band is on. After a couple of drinks they could care less about the music and would rather shout in their friends ears about their oh-so-exciting social life.

  4. Frank says:

    and that right there is how I know I’m not an indie-yuppie – I don’t have a social life.

  5. brian says:

    re: what starbucks has to do w/music

    i guess it’s not about starbucks specifically (although starbucks does have its cds and, er, alanis deals), but more of the chain store/corporation ties to indie music these days (OC, Volkswagon, Telus).

    i wouldn’t go so far as to guess whether the I-Y interest in indie culture is genuine. i think the issues are more about corporate appropriation of alt culture and what independent culture stands for.

  6. lucaswiththelidoff says:

    In Generation X one of the chapters is called "I Am Not Your Target Market".

    Personally I resent big business’ attempt to sell things to me through the appropriation of so called ‘cool’ music.

  7. Miles says:

    Bob Dylan, The Clash & Dead Kennedy’s have all sold their music for corporate appropriation.

    Is nothing sacred?

  8. ovenking says:

    how "cool" can that michael verhoeven guy actually be if he’s wearing pleated trousers in the article photo? everyone knows the cool kids wear plain fronts.

  9. garry says:

    another salute for the Three Gut parade.

    can’t believe they’re done. who’s gonna handle sea snakes and oneida?

  10. Frank says:

    well Sea Snakes have split up, so that’s not really an issue. I was wondering about the Royal City rarities collection though. Hope that still makes it out.