Tuesday, March 8th, 2005

I'm A Wheel

A reminder that the bonus EP for Wilco’s A Ghost Is Born is supposed to be made available for free on their website today. I’m not sure of the specifics on how you’re supposed to access them, but it’ll either be a link from the CD-ROM material on the physical copy of youre Ghost CD (you do own the CD, don’t you?) or, if it works the same way that the More Like The Moon downloads worked a couple years ago, you’ll follow a link off the website to a protected page that you’ll have to enter the catalog number off the CD case or something to enter. Either way, today’s the day.

Update: Go here for the downloads. You need your Ghost CD to access. Thanks to Between Thought & Expression for the legwork.

The vinyl edition of the album is also out today, and it sports new artwork that looks a little something like the piccy here.

Also new – the video for Arcade Fire’s “Rebellion (Lies)”. A real one this time. How do I know it’s real? MTV has it, and who know more about videos than them? From Arcadefire.net, your one stop shop for Arcade Fire news and kosher groceries.

PopMatters conducts separate interviews with Low’s Zak Sally and Alan Sparkhawk. Maybe they were hoping one would start dishing dirt on the other… “Zak hasn’t bathed in three months. Swear to God”. “Alan keeps his toenail clippings in a little TicTac container. It’s disgusting. I think he talks to them”.

Pitchfork claims exclusive on the details to Sufjan Stevens’ next album, which is out July 5 and takes him back to his ambitious 50 albums about 50 states project. Next up, Illinois.

The New York Times (Bugmenot: kmhybutt / homer) looks at a couple of international-flavoured acts on the New York scene, Brazilian Girls and Ivy. Don’t know anything about the former, but I got the new Ivy album this weekend and initial impressions are that is sounds a lot like Dominique and Andy’s more “rock” sideproject Paco, but still very smooth and polished. Maybe a little bit too much so, but still pleasant listening.

Need an excuse to stay in town Canada Day weekend this year? Feist will be playing at Harbourfront Centre on July 1. No other details yet.

Stream Matt Pond PA’s OC-approved cover of “Champagne Supernova” (Windows Media or Quicktime), taken from the fourth volume of Music From The OC. Matt Pond PA are at Sneaky Dee’s on May 5, the OC album is out April 5.

Take one part hate-on for the NME’s choice of coverage and one part basic HTML skills, combine for amusing results.

There’s a new Sin City trailer… check it out here. April 1 cannot come soon enough…

24: Oh look, the terrorists have yet another endgame in the works. I’m shocked. So this is what Tony’s thinking: Man, when I woke up this morning, I was an unemployed, soccer-watching skid bedding down with a skeezy waitress. Now I’m head of CTU again. This is what we call a good day… Oh look, my ex-wife. HA. Also worthy of filing under “HA”: Oh no, telephone lines and cellular service around the McLennan-Forester building is unstable because of the power being drawn by the EMP! Thank God we still have MSN Messenger!

np – Saturday Looks Good To Me / All Our Summer Songs

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  1. information leafblower says:

    Why do they keep sending out field teams with no backup? It’s comical.

    I could have written the rest of the episode after Jack’s gf said "take care of Paul, he’s not like you." But still, good stuff.

  2. Matt says:

    I would like A Ghost is Born on vinyl but I think that version of the artwork is awful. Superficial I know, but one of the joys of buying records for me is the physical product. The I’m a Wheel 7" had the broken eggs from the inside of the CD version, which looked far cooler.

  3. DJMonsterMo says:

    You can get the new EP here (only if you own the LP)!


  4. shoma says:

    Downloading the EP is taking forever. Has anyone gotten a chance to listen to it yet? Any thoughts?

  5. thomaus says:

    Evil MTV-Windowsmedia-Non-Mac-Compatible-DRM-Video. I was forced to hum Rebellion (lies) as I flipped through the little photo album MTV put up. Is the video around in anything other format?

  6. thomaus says:

    AGIBbonusEP – After the first listen, Kicking Television is probably the standout. It’s a refreshing change for the band, nice and rowdy. Maybe the next album will go in this direction.