Wednesday, March 9th, 2005

Being There

Okay, so SxSW goes next week. I’ve been so busy putting together my tenative schedule for the three days that I haven’t really been paying attention to the more important logistical stuff like, oh, getting US cash, making sure I can get to the airport on time, that sort of thing.

But schedule – here’s my preliminary. This is not nearly everything I’ve got in my calendar, just the stuff that I’m going to try and make it to and maybe some second choices. I’ve actually got third, fourth and fifth choices in the Palm Pilot, as well as some buzz bands that I really don’t care about, but have written in just in case I need to appear hip.

Thursday, March 17:

Wrens @ Emo’s – 1:00 PM

Stars @ Emo’s – 2:00 PM

Rob Dickinson @ Cedar Street Courtyard – 2:45 PM

Feist @ Blind Pig – 3:45 PM Invite only! BOOO.

Midnight Movies @ Emo’s – 4:25 PM

Calexico @ Jovita’s – 5:00 PM

Aaron Booth @ Sake On Sixth – 8:00 PM

Ulrich Schnauss @ Blender Bar – 9:00 PM

Mark Eitzel @ Cactus Cafe – 10:00 PM

The Futureheads @ La Zona Rosa – 11:00 PM

M Ward @ The Parish – 11:00 PM

Hot Hot Heat @ La Zona Rosa – 12:00 AM

Spoon (rumoured) @ The Parish – 1:00 AM

The Salteens @ Sake On Sixth – 1:00 AM

Doves @ La Zona Rosa – 1:00 AM

Friday, March 18:

Asobi Seksu @ Emo’s – 1:25 PM

American Analog Set @ Club DeVille – 2:00 PM

Experimental Aircraft @ Trophy’s – 3:00 PM

Phoenix @ Cedar Street Courtyard – 4:00 PM

Kaiser Chiefs @ Cedar Street Courtyard – 5:00 PM

M Ward @ Pok-E-Joe’s – 5:30 PM

Earlimart @ Red Scoot’s Inn – 9:20 PM

Ash @ Blender Bar – 11:00 PM

Laura Cantrell @ The Parish – 11:00 PM

Saturday Looks Good To Me @ Friend’s Bar – 12:00 AM

Spoon @ La Zona Rosa – 12:30 AM

Centro-Matic @ Maggie May’s – 1:00 AM

Calexico@ Antone’s – 1:00 AM

Saturday, March 19:

Dirty On Purpose @ Spiderhouse – 2:00 PM

Doves @ Waterloo Records – 3:00 PM

Bloc Party @ Urban Outfitters – 3:00 PM

Centro-Matic @ Red-Eyed Fly – 4:00 PM

Tift Merritt @ Jo’s Coffee – 5:00 PM

Trashcan Sinatras @ Speakeasy – 6:00 PM

Earlimart @ Porchlight-Twillery Street Theatre – 7:00 PM

The Meeting Places @ SoHo Lounge – 8:00 PM

Aimee Mann @ Stubb’s – 9:00 PM

Ed Harcourt @ Antone’s – 10:30 PM

Stars @ Blender Bar – 11:00 PM

Son Volt @ Stubb’s – 11:45 PM

Idlewild @ La Zona Rosa – 12:00 AM

Ambulance LTD @ Exodus – 1:00 AM

American Analog Set @ Blender Bar – 1:00 AM

Nada Surf @ Red Eyed Fly – 1:00 AM

…Well, that’s approximately it. I’m actually sorry I’m missing the 16th – there’s a lot of shows that night (Trespassers William, Asobi Seksu, American Music Club, Jon Auer, Wrens) that I’d love to see, but that’s what I get for trying to save a day’s vacation time.

I’m sure a lot of what I am trying to see is logistically impossible (like being in five places at once) and it’s entirely possible that I’ll end up seeing some different bands entirely. I’m not dead-set on seeing anyone in particular, really. Well, Centro-Matic. Not missing them. And SLGTM again, if only to declare my undying love for Betty Marie Barnes (back off Grambo, she’s mine!). Set times are as accurate as I’ve been able to deduce, but are not 100% accurate by any stretch of the imagination, particularly for the day shows. But – if you’re going and are planning on being at any of the same shows, or think there’s something else I absolutely have to see, or just want to try and meet up somewhere or someplace, drop me a line. I have no problem going to shows on my own here at home, but somehow it seems that much sadder in Texas.

And if you want more information on the bands or samples of their music, the SxSW website has all that and more. Oh what a weekend this will be.

I’ve got a review of the new Wedding Present album Take Fountain up on Torontoist, and have dug up a couple more Wedd-o-matic links. Something and Nothing is a new fansite dedicated to archiving all things Gedge and are doing a pretty bang-up job so far and this piece at Manchester Online talks to David Lewis Gedge about how the new record was informed by his breakup with co-Cinerama founder Sally Murrell.

Stylus is offering a guided tour to the first 50 singles from Creation Records. Of the first thirty they’ve posted so far, I think I’ve heard, um, none.

Hear some samples from Aimee Mann’s new album, The Forgotten Arm. They’ll be posting three new songs every Tuesday, presumably until the album is released on May 3. Thanks to Eugene for the link.

Zoilus considers the party line about the fate of CBC Radio 3. Diagnosis? Cynical.

np – Pernice Brothers / The World Won’t End

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  1. orlando says:

    heres a food tip,if you love a good burger go to casino el camino on 6th(next to the flamingo).its kind of a dark dive kinda bar but my god it is the best burger in austin. be prepared to wait to almost an hour for your burger but its well worth the me,its a great place.

  2. Paul says:

    Aw, rats! It is a shame you’re missing out on seeing The Duke Spirit on the 16th. Maybe they’ll sneak another show in while you’re there.

  3. jim jam says:

    Too bad you’re missing Jon Auer, because he put on a beautiful, beautiful show last year, even though he was battling a cold, and playing one of the odder venues — the 18th floor lounge at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

  4. david says:

    I had to cancel my flight and give away my pass this morning, have fun for those of us who can’t attend.

  5. TS says:

    i think we’ll be at similar shows. i did my sched last night, and Thursday 11pm I have 10 possible shows I could see. Hopefully the day parties will fulfill my need to see certain bands…then i can go to some random ones (i.e., Matisyahu, Brazilian Girls). I can’t wait!!

  6. tankboy says:

    nice schedule…now throw it out. every year i’ve been there i’ve carefully planned out what shows i wanted to attend and then found myself following an almost completely different schedule in the heat of the moment.

  7. jenrad says:

    If you like Centro and Son Volt, you might like Two Cow Garage and Lucero. Check out for a new song and bio. Discovered both these bands at past year’s and loved them. Also loved The Lashes last yr – young glam/punk seattle band with a ferocious front man. This year looking forward to Tammy Faye Starlite as well as my favorites….

  8. brian says:

    was hoping you were go to see the go! team so i could read about it–sadly they are only playing austin and nyc in this u.s. visit. if you change your mind it’s march 18 at 11:00pm–buffalo billiards.

  9. heather says:

    Since you are intent on seeing centro matic; a local SF band (here) is playing maggie maes with them, which i love- two gallants (3/18).

  10. Will says:

    just curious about where you found the info for the shows during the day. First SXSW for me and i can’t wait, leaving in three days!

  11. JENRAD says:


    Day Show Info and everything else that you REALLY need to know for SXSW. Check the files for great spreadsheets.

    Also check out and – sxsw 05




  12. graig says:

    your sxsw schedule makes me tired just reading it…

  13. fatcitizen says:

    Another food tip. (though one that involves some travel) Lockheart Texas is just outside austin (30 mins?) and is home to some of the best BBQ in the world.

    Forget the Salt Lick, check out the pork chops at Kreutz’s.

    Have a blast (wish I could be there)

  14. exdj says:

    Thanks for laying out your sched. I’m stealing it cuz I just can’t make up my own mind. And you back off of Betty. I live in detroit and I’m still working up the courage to say hi to her.

  15. paul says:

    please go and see my friend’s band "punish the atom", they’re playing the Jackalope on 18 March…from Paul in london….you can download their last single from the nme at http://…/

  16. Ron Nurwisah, Boy Reporter says:

    Please oh please tell me you didn’t get screwed over by jetsgo

  17. Frank says:

    haha, no, I was not on Jetsgo. Thankfully they didn’t fly to Austin.