Friday, March 25th, 2005

First You Look So Strong, Then You Fade Away

File under very cool: A quite good quality version of the video for Ride’s “Vapour Trail”, circa 1990, courtesy of This has found it’s way to the internet in advance of the forthcoming Ride DVD, details of which are still skimpy. BUT. As far as content goes, they at least have this one video. And if you have a basic understanding of how streaming .ram files work, you can have it too… hint hint.

Oh, and does anyone have the Divine Comedy cover of this song that they could, uh, leave lying around in my inbox for me to conveniently find? UPDATE: Mystical Beast has posted it! Thanks! Hmm, it’s a very straight cover. Kinda pub band-ish (save Neil Hannon’s vox). I definitely prefer the Trespassers William version.

The Feist invasion of America has begun. She played a couple of very impressive solo shows at SxSW parties (private ones, so as a member of the great unwashed, I can’t offer a first-hand account, but that’s what I heard), and Brooklynvegan reports back from a recent show in New York City with great praise (and pictures, of course), while Tofuhut offers up a frighteningly comprehensive career overview of the wonder that is Leslie Feist, including a goodly number of rare and live mp3s. It’s interesting that for her Canadian shows, she was dressed all in white and now for the US, it’s black. Maybe this is like some kinda freaky Jedi thing.

Salon’s Audiofile has an interview with Spoon’s Britt Daniel about Gimme Fiction, out May 10, and what he thinks about New York Spoon-a-likes Robbers On High Street.

Billboard has details of the the wonderfully named Paul Westerberg best-of comp, Besterberg, out May 17.

The new Longwave album seems to have been pushed back yet again. Look for There’s A Fire on June 28, if not later. Stupid RCA.

Another great show added to this year’s Over The Top FestAmy Millan, Jon-Rae & The River and The Most Serene Republic are at the Poor Alex on May 6. That’ll be three shows in three nights for me… Again…

Bad news good news for the Rilo Kiley show on May 19. The bad news is that it has been moved to the Opera House. The good news is that Nada Surf is opening.

And some ticket bitching – I went by Rotate to get a variety of tickets yesterday and unfortunately, they were sold out of Doves tix. Okay, a minor setback, but I’m willing to swing by Ticketmaster online – service charges for the last few shows have been sorta reasonable, so I figure a couple bucks extra won’t be so bad. Uh, try $12.25 on a $24 ticket. A $7.50 “service” charge? FUCK THAT SHIT. I am counting on Rotate getting another allottment soon, but if they don’t and I don’t go? No big deal, I’ll live. 50% markup. Shit, man.

A belated 24 recap: I dunno, watching 24 on a Thursday night? Just not the same. Know what would have ruled? If the chick who was shagging the pilot guy was MANDY. Oh well. Five – I figured why you thought this was a good episode as soon as you said it. What, does Chloe live next door to CTU or something? She was there in 10 minutes, if even. The look on Dina Araz’s face as Jack knifes himself? “This guy is badass”. Too bad he’s too dumb to come up with a good plan. That was a bad plan. A bad, bad plan.

Happy Good Friday. In the spirit of inclusiveness, I encourage everyone to nail the deity of their choice to a tree.

np – Sparklehorse / It’s A Wonderful Life

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  1. information leafblower says:

    my $22 ticket for Oasis in June ended up costing me $40.50 after the surcharges. I opted not to pay an extra $2.50 so i could print my own ticket. yeesh.

  2. ronald dickmonald says:

    aw, everyone, leave the robbers on high street alone. the real spoon rip-off artists are these dudes–


    seriously. listen to "stop engo", at least. then re-direct your scorn accordingly.

  3. monkeyinabox says:

    Chloe’s back! Her lines are almost straight from Napoleon Dynamite, "Fine! You’re Welcome! Geez!". I joked the same thing to my wife about Chloe living next door to CTU.

  4. Torr says:

    I saw Feist play with KoC at SXSW, I don’t like her voice.

  5. brads says:

    >> If the chick who was shagging

    >> the pilot guy was MANDY.

    I said the same exact thing to Amie! Would have made a perfect reappearance.

  6. Gary Campbell says:

    Looking forward to the Ride DVD. I remember once seeing the video for "Taste" on MuchMusic, and it starred then-90210-hottie Jeanie Garth cutting up photographs while the band ran around a shopping arcade. That Ride, they love literalism.

  7. Five One Seven says:

    Mandy *is* rumoured to be making an appearance in this season, but if she isn’t the girl shagging the pilot who else could she be?

    Chloe is the type of person who’d get an apartment in the same block as her office building. She probably got to work early every day just so that she could make snide comments.

  8. mr g says:

    i had a few problems w/this ep:

    – you’re fired, chloe. you’re hired, chloe. wow, chloe, you got here mighty fast. are you sure "events occur in real time"?

    – ctu must have a hefty budget if they’re able to keep a full surgical staff on hand. of course, they also couldn’t keep a lunatic teenager from offing herself, so maybe their resources change by the hour.

    – yeah, right. dina would really have chosen to shoot marwan (sp?). surrounded by gunmen, believing in the "terrorist credo" & being given no other choice, of course she couldn’t shoot jack. who are they kidding? i guess they felt the need to kill her off on (but off) camera, because they apparently must leave no bad guy/gal alive.

    – so the only thing they got from the whole stupid mcclenan-forester debacle was the name of one dude? well, at least it got us to the next crisis.

    – why did they randomly decide to get rid of sarah (who i couldn’t care less about) in the previous ep? just so they could bring back chloe, i guess. there’s just too many things this season that are either annoying or i don’t care about, but at least it’s better than last year i suppose.

    yes, that was a very bad plan. but what’s new?

  9. monkeyinabox says:

    When Dina had the gun to shoot Jack, that seemed like a no-brainer. She didn’t really like him and how would shooting Marwan help? That was the classic ‘see if you shoot the person you say you hate with the empty gun’ trick. She fell right for it. Bang Bang.

  10. Brandon says:

    Looks like was updated today and Mechrobioticon is no more. Anybody happen to grab a copy of the flash movie and/or extract the audio? That needs to go in my collection.

  11. Robert says:

    "Happy Good Friday. In the spirit of inclusiveness, I encourage everyone to nail the deity of their choice to a tree."

    That was uncharacteristically insensitive.

  12. Frank says:

    eh. it’s a Douglas Adams reference. Take it up with him.