Monday, January 24th, 2005

Look Now Look Again

Madison, Wisconsin’s Rainer Maria have completed recording their fifth album with an interesting choice for producer – Canadian ex-pat Malcolm Burn. Burn is best known as a protege of sorts to Daniel Lanois and his resume has been pretty roots-centric to this point, most notably the last few Emmylou Harris records. What influence will he have on RM’s decidedly more visceral and punkish sound? I don’t know, but I’m quite curious to find out. I’ve enjoyed the evolution they’ve made over their last couple albums, becoming more tuneful and versitile and leaving their shrill emo roots behind, but I wouldn’t have expected them to work with someone like Burn anytime soon – shows what I know. The still-untitled album is due out sometime in the Spring.

The Tear That Hangs Inside My Soul Forever (Mishie, you have GOT to get a blog name that rolls off the tongue a little easier…) talked to Emm Gryner about her latest album Songs Of Love And Death at her CD release show last week.

It’s been a regular Ben Gibbard video-fest lately. Check out the video for Death Cab For Cutie’s latest single, “Title & Registration”. From Hold My Life.

Prefix is a relatively new online magazine that has built up a nice little archive of interview features. Their latest is a two-part interview with Richard Parry of Arcade Fire, but even if you’re all AF-ed out, there’s surely something else of interest.

I’m honoured to have been nominated as a finalist in the “Best Canadian Weblog” category of the 2005 Bloggies, alongside, Bacon & Ehs, Photojunkie and Accordion Guy. It’s interesting that I’ve actually met three of the four other finalists in person, and all are from Toronto – who says cyberspace is impersonal?

I didn’t expect to make the cut in the new Best Entertainment category, and didn’t (though I’m pleased to see Moby was shut out as well). All the finalists there (Largehearted Boy, Stereogum, Fluxblog, Defamer and Whatevs) are juggernauts and deserving of the recognition, though it’s interesting that despite attempts to broaden the range of blogs within the category, three finalists are still almost completely music-centric (I don’t really know what Whatevs is about, but there are often pictures of the NSFW variety, so I’m happy). And yes, Paul, we know the Bloggies enrage you. Simmer down. Anyway, I’d encourage you all to go and vote, but the Bloggies site seem to have exceeded their bandwidth for the month. Whoopsie. Update: Bloggies site is back up.

Excepting a couple brief jaunts to grab the newspaper from my front stoop, I stayed indoors for 42 hours straight this weekend, only venturing outside on Sunday afternoon to get groceries. Hibernation at its finest.

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  1. photojunkie says:

    Congrats Frank. I would gladly lose to you or any of the other Nominees.

  2. Paul says:

    It’s not the Bloggies themselves that enrage me, I guess. It’s actually the fact that people care whether or not they’ve been nominated and win or lose.

  3. Frank says:

    ah, it’s just fun is all. Some recognition is nice since there’s not a whole lot of other reward for taking on what’s essentially a second job. But ‘care’ is probably too strong a word. Yes, it’s all very self-congratulatory but so what?

  4. sam says:

    mishie – keep the name. i love it :)

  5. Uncle Grambo says:

    whatevs is ALL about the NSFW, yo. keep the good buzz coming, Frank.

  6. Paul says:

    Whatevs is my daily source for NSFW material (since I’m not working, however, some of the edge is diluted).

  7. david says:

    I’m a juggernaut! Thanks for the kind words, Frank, but I’m in awe of so many sites that aren’t finalists (and probably weren’t even nominated) that I think I can remain humble.

  8. Kim says:

    Congratulations on your nomination. I’d like to introduce myself; I’m the fourth you haven’t met LOL All the best!

  9. mishie says:

    aww frankie- if teaching the indie kids to dance again can get away with it, why not me?

    congrats on the nomination – travis (10:15) and i were robbed..robbed, i tells you!

  10. Rachel says:

    What’s got Paul’s panties in a twist? Who on this planet doesn’t need outside affirmation from time-to-time, especially for something that obviously takes a lot of time and effort? You had my vote, Frank, and I’m sure the vote of many other people. And it doesn’t bother me in the slightest if that makes you feel good.

  11. Carrie says:

    Congrats, Frank. Good to see that ONE of my votes made the finalist list…none of the others did, sadly. Very well deserved. p.s. I think I have you beat re: staying indoors…didn’t leave the house from Friday at 6pm til this morning. Too bloody cold.