Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

Get Ready

Billboard and NME get the skinny on the new New Order album, Waiting For The Siren’s Call, due out in North America on April 26. It promises to be a frosted mini-wheat of a record, with a rocking, guitar-heavy half for the grown-up in you and a dancey, synth-heavy half for the kid in you. For a taste, Torr has a radio rip of the first single, “Krafty”, available to download, and the band gives a track-by-track breakdown of the album here.

Hey, it was either a mini-wheat analogy or a McBLT. “Keeps the rock side rock and the dance side dance”? Nah.

It seems that Autolux is singularly incapable of making clear touring plans. There was some confusion earlier this month as to whether or not they’d be playing with The Secret Machines at the Mod Club on February 2 (they are), but now Pollstar is reporting that they’re also opening for Ambulance Ltd at the same venue exactly one month later on March 2. Their website confirms that they will be playing with Ambulance, but that leg of the tour doesn’t start until March 22… contrary to the Pollstar listings which show them touring with Ambulance from March 1 through April 9. Got all that? Me neither. Some outfit called Dr Dog is also listed on that Ambulance bill at the Mod Club, FYI.

Who are Kasabian and why have they sold out their February 26 show at Lee’s Palace in the blink of an eye? No seriously, who are they? I’m listening to some of their album here, and my life isn’t being changed.

Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene apparently mentioned on the CBC this weekend that the new BSS album likely won’t be out till the Fall – the Valentine’s Day target date was little more than a pipe dream. Maybe he’ll have some more specifics at tonight’s Tsunami relief show.

I realize that year-end lists are SO last year, but Buddyhead’s late entry is still worth noting just because is so damn funny. From Stereogum.

24: Things that women should know before getting involved with Jack Bauer – 1) The odds that they will be held hostage increase exponentially and 2) Jack will go to ridiculous and bloody lengths to win their father’s approval. Fox wasn’t kidding when they said it was going to be an intense first 10 minutes of 24 – I haven’t seen a firefight like that on network television since that episode of Night Court when Bull climbed into the clock tower with the high-powered rifle… Again, I commend the producers on their sense of pacing – allowing the first act to wrap up tidily and for everyone to catch their breath only heightens the anticipation for act two. Good for Beruz for finally getting a backbone in beating Mr I-Dress-Like-An-Assassin to death… and hey look – an empty grave, how convenient! But seriously, I did like the dynamic in the Araz family segments, all bets are off as to the mom’s loyalty as the season progresses. Another solid ep, but someone on the writing team has some real father issues they need to address… Popmatters has their own thoughts on the first five hours of 24, season four, thus far.

np – Charlotte Hatherley / Grey Will Fade

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  1. mishie says:

    fuck! kasabian is sold out already? they are an awesome band from the u.k. and sound like primal scream. that doesn’t bother me though, because their single "club foot" was one of my most-played songs of last year.

  2. anne says:

    dr. dog is from philly, like me, and apparently are the most awesome band ever, from what i’ve been hearing. i’m hoping to check them out this weekend, and the new york times recently published a really flattering article about them.

  3. Frank says:

    I’m listening to the Dr Dog stuff off their website, it’s pretty good. Will be interested to see them play. Kazabian? I dunno, I never really like Primal Scream either, at least not Screamadelica. Heresy, I know. I thought they were much more interesting when they got really pissed off on XTRMNTR.

  4. joe says:

    rumor has it you will be seeing autolux as a support act for many other touring acts this year – they are some new unknown band from LA that feature guys from Failure signed to columbia and according to the NME will singlehandedly kick start the my bloody valentine revival….so the Major Label push is on!

  5. Torr says:

    I don’t like them, but Kasabian sound like the really pissed off XTRMNTR stuff, so maybe you will.

  6. Pete says:

    That’s pure 24, Jack’s slick action and skill, and the unpredictive movement of the show, this only gets bigger.

  7. Frank says:

    well, I’ll give Autolux a shot though I didn’t like Failure at all. And I’m all in favour of a My Bloody Valentine revival… viva la nugaze!

  8. boss says:

    kasabian are great. I’m going to see them this saturday in Milan.

    They sound like Primal scream with chemical brothers, unkle, air and stone roses…

  9. patrick says:

    Does this seem weird after seeing the end of 24 last night?

    <a href="http://…/ Link</a>

    Don’t read if you don’t want to know

  10. patrick says:

    crap, sorry about the screwy link

  11. carl says:

    I’d think Buddyhead’s list was a lot funnier if their idea of humour wasn’t to call every album they don’t like "fruity" – "Yeah dude, this shit is fruitier than George Michael eating a bowl of dick snot soup. Like Right Said Fred if Right Said Fred grew up in Orange County, discovered AFI, and painted their finger nails black."


  12. caro(lyn) says:

    yay frank! yippee!

    ahem. sorry. just want to update you on MY night last night… metric were pretty fucking fantastic. there was even some crowd surfing involved. i fell down the stairs that lead to the bathroom. yes, i’m taking a break from studying. how could you tell, i wonder…?

    i’m also a bit impressed by your new order devotion…

  13. Adrianne says:

    OH. I downloaded the single from Torr and when I heard the first few notes, so distinctively New Order, my heart started to flutter. All of a sudden I was back in Grade 7 with my first New Order album. Not sure about the rest of the song though. By the way, this is my first time at your site and I am thrilled to find it. Always good to come across a site with reliable music recommendations…