Sunday, November 28th, 2004

Wild Like Children

Corrections – Neva Dinova is not opening for Bright Eyes at the Phoenix January 21. I’m not sure where I heard that, but it was wrong. Instead, support will be Touch And Go creaky-folky sister act CocoRosie and… Tilly & The Wall! “T! I! L! L! Y! T! I!…” Yay! That show starts at 5:30, so be there early. And if you’re procrastinating in getting tickets… don’t. The Horseshoe was already sold out of their allottment on Friday. Rotate still has some, but I would not be surprised if this one sold out sooner rather than later.

And some of you may have noticed that I’ve taken Gentleman Reg off my concert calendar as opening for Stars at the Mod Club December 18 – that’s because he’s not. The ad in NOW ran incorrect info and I went with it. Reg has corrected me. Support for that show still to be announced.

The Futureheads, who apparently didn’t draw all that well at their show earlier this month but rocked anyway, are determined to win Toronto’s fickle affections. They’re back at Lee’s Palace on February 27.

A member of the Wheat mailing list who knows the band is reporting that the band has indeed split, confirming my earlier fears. I would expect an official statement from the band shortly, considering the shitstorm this will create among the listers, but I’m not surprised – I was afraid of this the day they announced they’d signed to Columbia subsidiary Aware. I am chalking this up as another casualty of the major label grinder. Thanks, guys, we’ll miss you. Update: Ricky from Wheat has responded to the mailing list and emphasizes that while they have NOT broken up, they are taking a hiatus to get their heads together following the roller-coaster experience of the last few years.

I went back to my old old hometown (and college town) of Waterloo yesterday for a dinner party with some old classmates and to inspect Chris’ new (and second) child. Helluva grip at three months old. Babies are cute, but I think I’d rather have a puppy.

Okay all you slacker American bloggers who’ve been MIA for the past four days, you’ve had your turkey gluttony and debaucherous retail orgy – now get back on the job. I can’t do this alone, people.

np – Sufjan Stevens / Seven Swans

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